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So much to see and never enough time to take it all in at the annual SEMA Show!

2014 Hot New Products

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2014 MEGA Jeep Gallery

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2014 Hot Street Rides

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The Vans of 2014

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2014 SUV Action

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EEXP Featured Vehicle 2014

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OutdoorX4 Article: The SEMA Show 2014

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The show was full of all kinds of automotive everything and I hope the posts above, as well as the photos below, provide a vivid picture of all that was the SEMA Show 2014.

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Local Motors had a big presence all over the show, but the 3D printing of vehicles and parts in the main lobby turned a lot of heads.

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The Chevy driving experience behind the convention hall always brings the crowds. Who doesn’t want to flog a new Corvette for free?

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Ford likes to burn through a lot of rubber while giving people rides in tuned Mustangs right out front of the show.

SEMA2014Show 13

Companies will do anything to attract attention to their products.

SEMA2014Show 14

Impressive sand sculpture by the folks at American Force!

SEMA2014Show 15

The SCORE Baja 1000 had a HUGE presence at this yr’s event.

SEMA2014Show 16

There was some very cool automotive art all over the show.

SEMA2014Show 17

Lots of land speed record cars in attendance this yr.

SEMA2014Show 18

SOOOO many side-by-sides all over the show! They do fit much easier than most other vehicles in the valuable booth space.

SEMA2014Show 19

This truck epitomizes SEMA for me. Big wheels, lifted, LOTS of LED light bars, color matched everything and every accessory that would fit. What function does a skid plate with light bars in it have???

SEMA2014Show 20

Lots of famous people everywhere at SEMA representing for all the big brands. Here Ricky Carmichael shows off his signature Chevy Colorado at a press conference.

SEMA2014Show 21

Ryan Friedlinghaus, CEO of West Coast Customs.

SEMA2014Show 22

The very popular Chip Foose.

SEMA2014Show 23

The Overhaulin’ TV show wraps up their season with a build on the SEMA Show floor.

SEMA2014Show 24

Press conferances and awards are everywhere at SEMA. This is the inaugural Bushwacker Founders Award presentation.

SEMA2014Show 25

The 2015 Ford Mustang received the SEMA Award for most popular car at the show.

SEMA2014Show 26

Lots of FREE beer at the end of each day. Here Mopar opens the Dodge ProVan bar that they customized.

SEMA2014Show 27

Besides all the cars, trucks and SUV there were also a few cool motos thrown into the mix. This little Honda Grom was loaded with light bars.

SEMA2014Show 28

Go fast custom moto.

SEMA2014Show 29

I really like this custom Local Motors moto.

SEMA2014Show 30

Paint and detail on some of these rides are truly second to none!

SEMA2014Show 31

Horny Mike’s street bike from the TV show “Count’s Kustoms.”

SEMA2014Show 32

The after parties each night are where all the business at the show really goes down, and where a lot of fun is had. The overland party put on by Overland Journal is always one of my favorite SEMA shindigs. This yr it was held at LRLV. Of course we drank Moab water from a Roto-Pax between beers ๐Ÿ™‚

SEMA2014Show 33

Some of the best rides seen all week were at the OJ party.

SEMA2014Show 34

Such a well built classic by LRLV!

SEMA2014Show 35

VW Anorak pickup.

SEMA2014Show 36

70 Series expedition camper.

SEMA2014Show 37

The annual SEMA Cruise is the first public event of the week and is the procession of all the rides from the show out of the convention center.

SEMA2014Show 38

This yr the show had an after party for the public called SEMA Ignited at the new Linq complex right on the Strip.

The EE SEMA Show 2014 Posts:

2014 Hot New Products

2014 MEGA Jeep Gallery

2014 Hot Street Rides

The Vans of 2014

2014 SUV Action

EEXP Featured Vehicle 2014

OutdoorX4 Article: The SEMA Show 2014

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