SEMA 2017: The Khaki Revolution

Some of the most interesting off road and overland vehicles at The SEMA Show 2017 were a khaki/sand/tan color. Put on your safari outfits, kick back and have a look at these SEMA 2017 vehicles.

AEV came out swinging at this year’s SEMA Show with a bunch of truly inspiring vehicles. The big surprise was the Chevy Colorado ZR2 AEV concept truck, which I wrote about for Autoweek HERE. The other build that had the overland crowd drooling was the impressive Outpost II concept overland Jeep camper, pictured below. The Wescott’s are overlanding royalty, and their impressive Turtle V expedition truck was again on display. This impressive supercharged Tundra, built by iAmRoamr, was featured in the WARN booth. Do you think it has enough lights?!?! The Hellwig ‘Operator’ build was featured in the Ford booth. An impressive package in all ways, but I was most impressed with the custom SherpTek ‘Dragon Bak Toy Dek’ UTV hauler and custom paint. Yep, that is painted desert digi-camo, not vinyl. The new limited edition Signature model from The FJ Company is a true pinnacle resto-mod style build. It is an FJ43 based build with all sorts of modern touches. If you want one it will cost you dearly however, in the tune of $200K+. ICON FJ 40 “Old School”: The quality you expect from an ICON FJ, but with more retro styling throughout. Powered by the new R2.8 Cummins crate motor and built with the best of parts; Brembo brakes, Fox shocks, Dynatrac axels, Atlas transfer case, ARB air lockers, etc, etc…, when 4 wheels just isn’t enough, but 4×4 is still all you need. The rear axel is not powered. Black Forest Jeep Wrangler J8-L: This military diesel J8 has been HEAVILY modified into an absolute off road beast! The ever popular Toyota Tacoma, especially in ‘Quicksand’ paint, was abundant at SEMA 2017. Most featured a RTT and side mounted traction boards, because overland! This custom build 2017 VW Atlas for Tanner Foust looked like it might be good fun.There were a number of Sprinter builds at the show this year, but none as clean as this Scheel-man Seats off road beauty.

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