REVIEW: Travelchair Joey Chair

The Joey Chair by Travelchair is a high quality lightweight adventure chair. This means minimal bulk, and minimal fuss. The question remains if the functionality of your chair makes for a happy bum? After picking your color, your adventure destination, and your adventure beverage (usually Ninkasi craft beer for us) you can rest assured that the totality of your relaxing will be worry free with the Joey Chair.

JoeyChairReview 1

MSRP: $78.99 (BUY NOW for Less!)


Weight Capacity- 300lbs

Dimensions in the Bag- 4″x4″x14”

Dimensions out of the Bag- 21″x21″x28″

Seat Height- 16”

Color Options- green, yellow, black, red, purple

Materials- anodized aluminum frame, ripstop fabric with breathable mesh panels, shock cord, high strength plastic joints, rubber feet JoeyChairReview 2 JoeyChairReview 3


-The corners of the Joey Chair are very well constructed and have a thick, firm shape. The benefit of this is that you won’t be feeling the poles digging into your back or legs.

-The slots for the poles, in the back of the chair, are also very well reinforced. While I like the toughness of the construction for longevity, it can make it a little tough to put the poles into place, as they don’t stretch. However, I’ll take the extra effort for that manufacturing any day.

-The center joints of the chair are glued together. The solid joint allows for you to not have a free spinning obstacle while assembling. This makes it much easier to put the chair together and take apart, even while holding it in the air.

-The chair fabric is very breathable. This has been great for when we leave the chair out overnight, in the rain or heavy fog, as it dries out quickly. At first fiddle, the chair fabric can seem a bit too thin. So far, with some pretty rugged use, we haven’t had any issues with tearing from contact with sharp objects (tree branches, rocks, sitting on a fork…). Also, where the fabric is sewn to the mesh has not had any signs of fraying, or pulling apart.

-The carrying bag has two mesh sides, which is great for continued drying. The only downside of the mesh is when you haven’t brushed off all of the sand or dirt from the chair, it will shake loose into wherever you’re storing it.

-Medium seat height. Most lightweight camp chairs have you sitting pretty close to the ground. While your knees and back are young and spritely, this isn’t much of an issue. However, if you’re looking for an easy up and down, this chair is as close to an average chair height as you will find out of all of the competitors.

JoeyChairReview 4

Besides the direction printed inside the carry bag, you can also see the magic of setting up a Joey Chair HERE.

JoeyChairReview 5Room For Improvement:

-Rubber feet are too small to keep you from sinking into mud or sand.

-While the seat width is comfortable for my size/shape, it would be advantageous to have a slightly wider girth. JoeyChairReview 6

Why Buy The Joey Chair:

The Joey chair may be in the middle when it comes to price point, compared to other lightweight adventure chairs currently on the market, but with the seat height, solid center joint, and stiff corners, this chair pulls out on top. (Check out our full review of the Helinox Chair One HERE)JoeyChairReview 7NOTE: The Joey Chair linked to in the review is one model newer than the chair reviewed here. There are a few improvements made in the new Joey Chair Model 7789, however the new round rubber feet should help with getting stuck in the mud, or sinking deep in sand, so rejoice!

(DISCLAIMER: The Travelchair Joey Chair was provided to Exploring Elements for possible review consideration.)

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