REVIEW: MPOWERD Solar Luci Lights

by: Sarah Blessington

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EELuciLights 1

Luci EMRG- MSRP: $9.99 (BUY NOW)

EELuciLights 5Luci ORIGIONAL- MSRP: $14.99 (BUY NOW)

EELuci 20 1

Luci LUX- MSRP: $19.99 (BUY NOW for LESS!)

EELuciLights 4Luci AURA- MSRP: $24.99 (BUY NOW for LESS!)

EELuciLights 5The Luci Lights by MPOWERD are magnificent little solar lights that pack a lot of luminescent punch. My previous experience with inflatable solar lanterns has been fairly disappointing. So many of them don’t put off enough light to actually see anything by, let alone handle sharp objects while cooking safely, but hey, they float! While that can be great for emergency settings, wouldn’t it be better to offer a light that not only floats, but you can also see with?

EELuciLightsSliderThis brings us to the Luci EMRG. This is the smallest light that they offer, that is designed specifically for emergency situations. It comes with SOS settings, and has the ability to be used as a flashlight. While those are great qualities, what really makes the Luci EMRG shine is the fact that it packs down to next to nothing to be stored nearly anywhere, and after a full charge, it will retain 95% of its battery charge up to one year! That means you only have to remember to charge this thing up once every twelve months. No more wasting precious time searching for matching batteries to steal off of some poor unsuspecting electronic device during a hurricane. MPOWERD has truly gone the extra mile to make an emergency light that is designed to work flawlessly, hold up to some abuse, and to actually exist seamlessly in your life.

EELuciLights 6The Luci ORIGINAL boasts the same workmanship, but brings to the table double the lumens, a little extra girth and more lighting area. This light makes for a great centerpiece for your overland eating table or cooking station. As they are so light, to ensure they don’t float away with the wind, a rock will do wonders as an anchor. But rest assured, if they do happen to take a tumble, they are extremely durable.

If you’re looking for a little more class on your adventure, the Luci LUX offers a frosted sheen to illuminate your mountain top beer drinking adventures. It gives you the light that you need, but in a soft and cozy way, letting you ease more gently into the night.

EELuciLights 7If you’re after a mood more akin to a lava lamp, you’re going to want to buy several of the Luci AURAs. On the color cycle setting, 7 groovy shades will flawlessly sequence, giving you your desired ambiance. A few of these strung up around your campsite, or placed in your sleep area, and you have something so fun and special that it’s worth every penny. Overall, I’d have to say that these are my favorite of the Luci Lights.

EELuciLights 8 EELuciLights 14 EELuciLights 13 EELuciLights 12 EELuciLights 11 EELuciLights 10 EELuciLights 9After a night illuminated by your Luci Lights, just toss those bad boys onto the dash of your adventuremobile during the day’s travels, and they will be ready to shine again before nightfall. (Yes the windshield is UV coated, and this is not the most efficient way to recharge your Luci Lights, but it works fine when there is plenty of sunshine.)

EELuciLights 15PROS: Lightweight, durable, powerful light, compact

CONS: Non-detachable handle (It would be great for even more hanging capabilities)

EELuciLights 16

Apparently green light attracts fish, and Luci Light has you covered there too. The Luci Catch, coming soon.

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