REVIEW: Mosko Moto Backcountry Cinch Strap

moskomotobackcountrycinchstrapexploringelements-1Mosko Moto Backcountry Cinch Strap

MSRP: $34.99 (per pair)

SIZE: 6’11” (per strap)

WEIGHT: .7 lbs (per pair)

moskomotobackcountrycinchstrapexploringelements-2Yes this is “just” a fancy cam tie down strap/cinch strap. Yes they are more expensive than the cinch straps you can pick up at your local box store. Yes the Mosko Moto Backcountry Cinch Strap is worth the extra money! moskomotobackcountrycinchstrapexploringelements-3I recently used these straps to secure the Mosko Moto Backcountry 40L Duffle atop my KTM 950 Adv on a 5,000+ mile 26 day adventure through Northeastern North America, with over 2,000 of those miles on dirt. This is the Backcountry Cinch Strap’s primary function, and worked flawlessly at keeping the duffle securely mounted atop the rear pannier rack on my motorcycle.

(Worth a watch, as it truly highlights all the great uses of the Backcountry Cinch Strap.)

Materials matter, and Mosko Moto designed their version of the ultimate cinch strap with the best materials they could find. The Backcountry Cinch Strap has no plastic or elastic, besides the strap tail keepers, to break or stretch out on those long rough adventures. High-tensile webbing, proper stitching for strength and steel adjustment points, a ladderlock and a cam buckle, combine to make one durable system.

moskomotobackcountrycinchstrapexploringelements-4(When my rear rack is unloaded I keep the Backcountry Cinch Straps mounted and ready for use.)

Design matters, and this strap is designed specifically to work with a huge variety of motorcycles and loads. The lanyard loop style attachments are extremely secure and reduce the number of parts, and failure points. The cam buckle has a webbing backing to prevent damage to the bike or bags. Small features can make a big difference, and it’s little things like the adjustable elastic strap keepers, which keep the excess strap from flapping in the wind, that elevate this product from the ordinary.
moskomotobackcountrycinchstrapexploringelements-5(Whether on road or off, the Backcountry Cinch strap has you covered.)

While I haven’t needed to use the moto to moto emergency tow strap feature of these straps, yet, I am impressed that they were designed for this purpose and allow me to carry one less thing on the moto. I have however needed to use the Backcountry Cinch Strap as an emergency tie-down system, when my fuel pump failed in the middle of no where along the Trans-Labrador Highway. They worked great at securing my bike in the back of a construction pickup truck, which was kind enough to get me to the closest town, 40 miles away.
moskomotobackcountrycinchstrapexploringelements-6One word of caution. DO consider what parts of the motorcycle are hot enough to melt the strap when choosing mounting locations. I managed to melt through half of one of the straps with my exhaust gases. I noticed this and adjusted the strap just a few centimeters, out of the direct exhaust exit, and rode another 3,000+ miles, with the half melted strap, with now issues or failures.moskomotobackcountrycinchstrapexploringelements-7(Even when your bike decides to take a nap your gear is sure to stay secure.)

Bottom line is that the Mosko Moto Backcountry Cinch Strap is an essential piece of adventure motorcycling gear, which will last through many adventures and be there when you need it most, in a variety of ways.moskomotobackcountrycinchstrapexploringelements-8(The Backcountry Cinch Strap will get your gear to the end of the road, and back again.)

-Disclaimer: Mosko Moto supplied this product to Exploring Elements for review consideration.-

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