Over that past year I have tried out a good selection of paddle pogies in the cold water and weather of the Pacific Northwest. Most of my testing has been creeking on the local OR and WA creeks, but some high water playboating, surf kayaking, and flat-water workouts were also involved. I also enlisted a number of my paddling mates to provide me with their feedback on these pogie models. Each pogie has its pros and cons and everyone will have their personal preferences, but hopefully this info will help narrow the search for YOUR perfect pogies.

(Warmth rating on a 1-5 scale, 5 being the warmest.)

(Weight is physical weight of 1 pair of pogies as weighed on a digital postal scale.)

Wrenna Keller on the Lower Columbia River. Glacier Glove pogies are used to keep instructors and students of Next Adventure's Kayak School warm. (Photo: Bryon Dorr)

Glacier Glove Fleece Lined Pogie

MSRP: $34.99, Closeout Price: $19.99 BUY NOW (

Warmth Rating: 3

Weight: 6.6 oz

Materials: 3mm fleece lined neoprene



-Easy to get hands in and out.

-Durable materials.


-Short gauntlet allows lots of water into pogie.

-Not very warm (might be warmer with smaller hands).

-Small interior volume is quite tight around normal sized hands


Great creeking pogies for paddler’s with smaller hands.

Paul Kuthe keeping his mitts warm with the SD Hyper Hands Pogies while boofing Big Kahuna Falls on Canyon Creek, WA. (Photo: Bryon Dorr)

Snap Dragon Hyper Hands

MSRP: $43.50 BUY NOW

Warmth Rating: 5

Weight: 10.6 oz

Materials: 3mm Skin-Hypalon


-Very warm!

-Easy to get in and out of quickly.

-Great wind protection.

-Absorbs much less water than typical neoprene, keeping the pogie lighter and warmer.

-Durable materials.



-Found that with a gripped paddle the heat of these pogies can cause blisters.

-Not good as a snot rag, due to smooth outer material.

-Heaviest pogie in this review.


High quality super warm pogie for all paddle sports uses.

Stohlquist Toasters Paddling Mitts

MSRP: $29.95 BUY NOW (

Warmth Rating: 2

Weight: 5.8oz

Materials: 2mm neoprene, skin-out, with waterproof nylon cuff


-Great wind protection.

-Webbing snap feature on cuff is great for compact storage and drying.

-Sharp looksJ


-Not very warm.

-Not easy to get in and out of quickly, unless cuff is rolled down.


Best suited for flat-water applications where wind protection is of primary concern.

Bryon testing the Neosport Pogie on the Washugal Wave, WA. (Photo: Luke Spencer)

Neosport 3mm Pogie

MSRP: $24.99 NA$19.99 (Available at Next Adventure’s Paddle Sports Center, Portland, OR)

Warmth Rating: 4

Weight: 5.8 oz

Materials: 3mm neoprene


-Great value.

-Simple functional design.

NW Neosport rep Luke Spencer enjoying the Washugal Wave, WA. (Photo: Bryon Dorr)

-Light weight.


-Seams and neoprene seem to wear quickly, although no tears or failures where experienced after much harsh use.

-Gauntlet is a bit floppy and sometimes hard to get into quickly.


The value pick, does most things well at a great price.

Bryon’s Pick:

I have cold hands and paddle in cold water year round. I also enjoy small creeks that require me to grab rocks and tree limbs while catching micro eddies and stopping to scout rapids. Being the warmest pogies that I tested and being relatively easy to get in and out of quickly, the Snap Dragon Hyper Hands have become my personal favorites. I do have to say that if money is an issue, which it usually is, than the Neosport 3mm Pogie is really a great value.

Bryon surfing the Cove, Seaside, OR, Nov. '11 (Photo: Dan Devine)

-At the time of this review I was not sponsored or affiliated with any of the above companies, but was supplied with samples of each of these products for testing purposes.-

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