REVIEW: Helinox Chair One

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The Chair One packs up into an amazingly small lightweight package.

Helinox Chair One:

MSRP- $99.95 (BUY NOW)

Weight- 2 lbs

Packed Size- 14″x3″x5″

Assembled Size- 26″H x 21″W x 20″D

Seat from Ground- 13.5″H

Capacity- 320 lbs

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Super comfy and quick to set up. I enjoyed the Chair One at camp in the “Valley of the Gods” while listening to some tunes and dreaming of whitewater.

The fist thing you’ll notice about this chair is how compact and light it is! You’ll pull it out of its carrying case and the tent pole like structure will almost put itself together, as the entire frame is held together by a internal bungee. You’ll have the seat cover and the carrying case left, which makes the next step obvious. Just put the four pole ends into the four corners of the seat cover and you have a super comfy and breathable chair.

I’ve now used the Chair One in over 9 states all across the US while traveling in my Sportsmobile. I’ve had many others try it out along the way with pretty much the same response from them all; “Cool lightweight comfortable chair, but it takes a little getting used to.” The chair can feel a bit unstable at first, but then you realize that you can lean really far and move around a ton and the chair just doesn’t fall over. Once you’re used to the chair’s flex, you quickly settle in and don’t want to give up your seat in the Chair One. In all my adventures with the chair, it’s held up really well. The only real achilles heel of this chair is its soft ground performance. In really soft sand/dirt/mud it sinks in quite a bit, which while making it super stable, lowers the seat height quite a bit. In deep mud I also managed to lose two of the small rubber feet from the chair, not really a big deal though, as the chair works fine without them and they are replaceable.

This chair really has a super broad audience; adventure motorcyclist, overlanders, backpackers, car campers, event (sports, concerts, etc…) attendees, and many others. If you need a portable, lightweight, compact and comfortable chair for all occasions the Chair One if for you.

TIP: In order to not lose the carrying bag, as it can easily blow away in the wind, put the loop on the end of the bag over one of the chair poles before putting on the seat cover. This will “lock” the bag into the structure of the chair.

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The frame almost puts itself together. There are really only two parts to the chair itself, and a carry bag.


-Ultra light!

-Extremely small packed size.

-Quick & east to setup.

-Accomodates people of, almost, all sizes.

-Comfortable in all climates.


-Not inexpensive.

-Can feel unstable, even though it isn’t.

-Sinks into soft ground, lowering seat height.

-Rubber feet can come off in deep mud.

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Quick setup is a key feature of this chair.

The perfect companion to the Chair One would be the Helinox Table. While I haven’t been able to get my hands on one just yet, I’m hoping to in the near future. At only 1 lb 5 oz, the perfect height to accompany the Chair One and with two built-in beverage holders, it looks like a great way to complete a lightweight easy to set up relaxation area anywhere. Stay tuned for more info…

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Sarah enjoys some time at camp under a full moon just outside Moab.

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(Disclaimer: I received the Chair One as a review sample from Big Agnes, the chair’s North American distributor. I receive no monetary compensation for this review.)

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