REVIEW: Front Runner Expander Chair

by: Sarah Blessington

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Welcome to your new favorite expandable brief case for your bum. Honestly if all brief cases of the world were spontaneously transformed into the Front Runner Expander Chair, the world would find peace. Why? Because this super compact bundle of bum-joy is the perfect excuse you needed to just stop, and enjoy this world.

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The first image that comes to my mind when you say ‘camp chair’ is of a soggy, droopy, canvas pit where your lower back goes to die. I don’t care how many yoga posses you do in a lifetime, sitting in those non-chairs is the quickest way to ruin your enjoyment of the outdoors. Not to mention, flip a coin as to what aspect of those chairs fail first. And, they’re huge. Now that you remember how awful that sack of misery is in the trunk of your car, let’s direct your new hopes and dreams back to the solid delightful comfort you’re about to enjoy.

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The chair’s primary fabric is made from super durable 600D polyester, which is known for being UV and mildew resistant, taking longer to melt, and being harder to stretch, shrink or pill. Short of being able to generate magic unicorns, this is exactly what I want from my outdoor chair! The center of the seat and seat back are made of nylon mesh. Ever leave your chair out by the campfire overnight? Remember that lovely pool of water waiting for you in the morning? The Expander Chair’s mesh material makes quick work of spills, rain pools, and limits time you need to waste waiting for other fabrics to dry out. The airy material also helps keep you cool on those toasty summer days!

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The Expander Chair’s side cargo pockets make sure you have what you need by your side, not lost in your adventuremobile. Whether it is a flashlight, bug spray, cold beverage or a travel speaker you’ll have everything you need to wrap up your day of adventure around base camp at your side.

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You are sure to be comfortable no matter your height, with the seat height at 17”, and the seat back height coming to 31”. You’ve got just the right ratio to give someone who is 5’4” (myself) and someone who is 6’3” (Bryon), the versatile comfort and flexibility you would want when offering this chair to a friend.

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Space is king in any adventuremobile, and what you choose to come with you on any trip needs to be sure to carry its own weight, while not taking up a bunch of room. Leave it to the folks at Front Runner to make sure your needs are met. Picture your laptop bag. Now think of all the places you can fit that bag in your vehicle or garage. When fully collapsed, the Expander Chair is merely 2.4” X 17.5” X 16.4”. That’s hardly anything! This magic allows a full size chair to collapse to 1/16th its size! And, it’s the perfect shape to be easily stacked and stowed wherever you need it to go.

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Check out Front Runners’ Instructions on how to unfold the fun HERE.

The Expander Chair is great for:

Overlanding, car camping, campfires, sporting events, concerts, parades, etc…any event where your car is within a short walk.

The Expander Chair’s downsides:

Not all that light, black metal can get hot in the sun and sadly does not magically generate unicorns.


MRSP: $49.95

Materials used: black 600D polyester with nylon mesh, black powder coated steel

Product dimensions:

Folded: 61mm (2.4″) L x 444.5mm (17.5″) W x 417mm (16.4″) H

Unfolded: 521mm (20.5″) L x 444.5mm (17.5″) W x 787mm (31″) H

Seat Height: 432mm (17″)

Load Capacity: 113kg (250lbs)

Weight: 4.1kg (9lbs)

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Wish you had an awesome camp chair that was as spry and nimble as a mountain goat to take on more weight & space conscious adventures? Make sure to check out the Helinox Chair One!

(Disclaimer: Front Runner provided Exploring Elements with a review sample of this chair.)

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