EVOLVE: 3 Legged Thing BRIAN Carbon Tripod

3 Legged Thing Evolution 3 Pro Brian Carbon Fiber Tripod with Airhed 3 Ball HeadEE3LeggedThingBrianReview 1 EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 2


MSRP- $499.00 (BUY NOW)

Weight- 4.1 lb

Folded Length- 15.7″

Load Capacity- 66 lb

Max Height- 76.4″

Min Height- 8.3″

Leg Sections- 5

Features- Reversible Folding Legs, Detachable Monopod, Removable & Reversible Center Column EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 3EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 4While the 3 Legged Thing BRIAN carbon tripod might not be entirely unique in its design, as advertised, it combines a ton of quality little differences from its competitors that add up to a whole lot of awesome. The BRIAN Evo 3 Pro is one of the smallest folded length, largest capacity, lightest and tallest tripods in its class. While it is not inexpensive, the value is immense, and it is good enough to replace multiple other tripods that you’d otherwise have to have in your quiver. As an overland, off-road, travel and adventure photographer the 3 Legged Thing Evolution 3 Pro BRIAN Carbon Fiber Tripod with Airhed 3 ball head is my go to tripod while living a life of adventure.

EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 5EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 6The tripod itself is a 5-section collapsible design with each leg height adjusted by 4 ParaLock twist locks. Each leg can also be independently locked in at 23, 55 and 80 degree angles. Combined with the infinitely adjustable legs the angle adjustments make this tripod extremely versatile. The whole thing packs down crazy small for transport, 8.3” long, especially considering it can stand over 6‘ tall. At full extension, and with a heavy camera, the tripod can get a bit wobbly, but it is rarely used at full extension. In the opposite direction this tripod can steady your camera extremely close to the ground, which is great for macro photography or those super low angle shots. It is able to accomplish this by utilizing a center column that is reversible.

EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 9EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 13A really nice bonus feature of this tripod is that one leg screws off to become a monopod. It has a huge height range and can be lengthened by adding the removable center column from the tripod. Besides being great as a steady monopod, it can also be used as an extension pole to help you get those unique angles, or used as a jib for small action video cameras.

EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 8 EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 10 Another nice feature is the D-ring and mini carabineer setup on the bottom of the detachable center column. It allows you to quickly and easily hang stabilizing weights on the tripod. This is great when using larger lenses and/or in windy conditions when you’re trying to get a steady long exposure.

EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 23 2The rubber feet on the bottom of each leg are great for most surfaces, but also can be unscrewed and replaced, as they have a 3/8”-16 thread so that they can be replaced with steel spike or other feet for varying terrains. I did have one foot piece come off, as the glue holding it into the carbon leg came undone. Annoying, but a quick fix with some new glue. EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 7The crowning jewel on this tripod is the Airhed 3 ball head. This ball head is a work of art! While not extremely lightweight itself, It can hold a direct load of up to 440 lb. That’s a lot of camera gear, and something I don’t plan to fully test out, especially as the tripod can “only” support 66 lbs. It comes with a detachable Arca-type quick-release plate, but any Arca-type camera plate will work, like the Peak Design Pro Plate that I use. The Arca-type panning clamp is extremely secure and quick to use. The head offers separate locks to control the ball movement and the 360-degree panning mechanism. Overall the Airhead 3 is an advanced, feature rich and durable crown on this already fantastic tripod. EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 11The BRIAN Evo 3 also offers up a Trimount Plate, which lives between the ball head and the center column. When the ball head is removed the top of the plate is exposed, which features six ¼”-20 threaded holes for mounting various types of camera gear. This effectively turns your tripod into a quick and easy light and/or microphone stand. EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 23 1EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 12PROS:

-HUGE versatility.

-Super lightweight for its features and height range.

-High quality components.

-Overall very durable, especially considering its weight.

-A thing of beauty!


-Many little parts can come loose.

-Bubble level can fail.

-A bit wobbly at full extension with a full size DSLR on it.

-Feet can come unglued.

-Not inexpensive! EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 14I can easily say that this tripod has exceeded my durability expectations. Yes, there are lots of little parts that come loose all the time, yes, one of the feet came unglued from the leg and yes the bubble level broke, but, in the end I’ve put this unit through the ringer and it has come out the other side with only a few small battle scars. An easy example is that I had the tripod in the back of my kayak, and used it daily, on a recent 12-day self-support trip down the Grand Canyon. It was exposed to crazy silty water and LOTS of sand for the entire trip, and didn’t have a single failure or issue the whole time. A quick fresh water rinse after the trip and it has been good to go since. EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 15 EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 16While the 3 Legged Thing BRIAN carbon tripod isn’t inexpensive, it does offer up incredible value that is hard to beat. As someone who travels full time I need a lightweight, versatile and durable tripod that can keep up with my fast pace of life exploring the world through adventure sports and off-road travel. This tripod exceeded my expectations and is now a mainstay in my photography tool quiver. EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 17 EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 18 EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 19 EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 20 EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 21 EE3LeggedThingBrianReview 22

(Disclaimer: Exploring Elements received this tripod from 3 Legged Thing for review consideration.)

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