Generac IQ2000 Generator Review

by: Gerico Vizmanos

GeneracIQ2000ExploringElementsReview-1Do I really need a generator for my adventures? I’m not going to lie, I was totally the anti-generator guy. Why? Because I heard they are loud, they require lots of fuel and they are expensive. Apparently I was totally stereo typing the generator world. The only way to truly find out if a generator is needed in my life, was to try out a generator.

GeneracIQ2000ExploringElementsReview-2Not just any generator, as I wanted a quality product, that was simple to use and could be used whenever and wherever I wanted. So after comprehensive internet research, I kept hearing about the new Generac IQ2000. After reading review, after review, after review, I saw a pattern of the Generac IQ2000 being rated quieter, smarter, and longer-running, while being $200-$300 cheaper (MSRP: $799 BUY NOW), than its competitor, the Honda EU2000i. So of course, I do what anyone would do, and take the better deal.

GeneracIQ2000ExploringElementsReview-3So what better place to test the Generac IQ2000 than at the Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari 2016. It’s one of Southern California’s largest not-for-profit family oriented 4×4 club events. It’s a place where RV’s, weekend warriors, adventuremobile and tent campers set up group base camps in the desert for a few days. Usually our base camp revolves around an adventure van, outfitted with a built in full solar power system, but attending the event this year in a 1991 Jeep Wrangler left us camping in ground tents without a good power source. With our group scheduled to be in the remote desert for a few days, we needed a way to keep all our electronics charged, while we were off the grid. The best solution we could think of was to bring the Generac IQ2000 and a 5 gallon gas can.

GeneracIQ2000ExploringElementsReview-4Our main usage on this trip was to either run electronics or charge electronics. We did both, plus more. We ended up running lights for the camp site, and letting our camp neighbors use it to run air compressors and more.

One of the best things about the Generac IQ2000 is the unit’s digital read out. Being my first time operating a generator I was unsure exactly when I would need to refuel, check the oil level, determine how much power I was asking of the unit, etc… It was nice to have a digital read out to take away the guessing game. Less stress, more adventure!

GeneracIQ2000ExploringElementsReview-5Some Stats:

  • LIGHT, LONG-LASTING AND QUIET- Weighing less than 50 pounds, the Generac iQ2000 is easily portable, and features a 7.7 hour run time at 25% load. It has been third-party tested, and has been proven to be quieter than competitor models.
  • EASY STARTUP AND THREE OPERATION MODES- The power dial featured on the unit’s control panel simplifies the unit’s start, run and stop functions, while the turbo/standard/economy switch can be utilized to reduce noise and fuel consumption.
  • STATUS INDICATORS- Status indicators alert users when the generator is overloaded, overheating, or low on fuel and/or oil.
  • SMART LED DASHBOARD- The current fuel level, and run-time remaining, can be verified via the control panel’s LED display. The PowerBar(TM) also continuously displays wattage produced by the generator.
  • PARALLEL READY- Connecting two Generac iQ2000 generators through the use of an optional Parallel Kit nearly doubles output levels, which can larger power loads.

GeneracIQ2000ExploringElementsReview-6Overall, this generator was so much more than what I expected. Before discovering this unit, I was set on purchasing a Honda Generator, as the word on the street was that they were the best on the market. After using the Generac IQ2000, I think that Honda might need to step up their game. I look forward to using the Generac IQ2000 on lots of future adventures.


(Disclaimer: Generac provided Exploring Elements with this generator for review consideration.)

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