Exploring Elements is looking to partner with quality companies that fit with its goals and audience. Creating a partnership with Exploring Elements can be very rewarding and can come in many many forms: website advertisements, promotional events, social media, copy/story writing, promotional photography, retail training, product testing, logo placement, etc… Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line to discuss partnership opportunities (

Current Exploring Elements Partners:




Adventure Motorcycle Adventures-

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Core Paddles

Core Paddles is the official paddle supplier of Exploring Elements. The Kiri bent WW paddle is my paddle of choice as it is extremely light weight, VERY strong and has amazing performance with its ergo grips and tri-headral paddle blades. I am a founding owner of Core Paddles, but no longer have any ownership stake in the company. Check out my full Core Kirri WW paddle review HERE.



Past Exploring Elements Partners:

EEXP Partners- XPCamper


FiveTen was the 2012/2013 the official watersports footwear supplier for Exploring Elements. The Aqua-Stealth rubber found on all FiveTen watersports shoes is the stickiest rubber compound available for the wet rock environment that you find while WW kayaking. The Water Tennie is my go to WW kayaking shoe and has prevented me from falling down on wet slippery river banks more than once! Check out my full FiveTen Water Tennie review HERE.

2012 Maya Rally-

#teamAstrid consisting of Anthony from Overland Nomads and Bryon from Exploring Elements embarked on The End of The World Rally, also known as the Maya Rally.  It was an amazing adventure across Mexico with good people and Anthony’s trust 80 series Toyota Land Cruiser “Hank the Tank.” #teamAstrid took home the Maya Rally win and had an amazing adventure that spanned 7,055 miles over 36 days. HUGE Thanks To All Our Rally Partners: LED LenserTriple Aught Design & Warn Industries