OVERLAND: Work Less to Live Your Dreams

TheRoadChoseMeEBookExploringElements-2The number one question myself, and most overland adventurers, get asked is: “How do you do it?” What people always mean by this question is; how can we afford to live a traveling nomadic life. The answer is a complicated one, as everyone has their own lifestyle, travel and career goals, which differ dramatically. My answer is always the same, make your goals a priority. What I mean by this, is that you should re-organize your life and finances in such a way that you are able to attain your goals, whatever they may be; early retirement, round the world travel, a year of backpacking, etc… Although my answer is quite broad, I believe it to be very direct and to the point. You will NOT archive your goals if you don’t take actions that move you closer to them.

TheRoadChoseMeEBookExploringElements-1Luckily my good friend Dan Grec has a ton of experience on this matter, and has just written his first eBook on the subject, “Work Less to Live Your Dreams: A practical guide to saving money and living your dreams.” Dan’s take on how to make your dreams come true are sound words of wisdom, which come from his personal experience with the subject, much of which I’ve heard from other experienced overland friends as well. He offers up perspective on the value of time and money, and actionable steps that can be taken to achieve your personal goals.


“We each only get one life. If you have big dreams, it’s up to you to make the choices and take actions to move in a direction that gets you closer to those dreams. It’s extremely important that you live mindfully for you.” -Dan Grec

TheRoadChoseMeEBookExploringElements-4 TheRoadChoseMeEBookExploringElements-5Time is the most valuable resource we all have, and one that can be fleeting. Dan packs a ton of great wisdom into this short read, which at $2.99 is a great investment into your future (BUY HERE). We all have the choice in our lives to make the most of what we have, and strive for the goals that we value the most. Make your personal goals a reality, by making them a priority and taking action to reach them.

TheRoadChoseMeEBookExploringElements-6You can follow Dan’s current African overland adventures on his site; TheRoadChoseMe.com. Dan is also the creator of WikiOverland.org, a quality free reference for overland travelers.


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