OVERLAND EXPO EAST 2015: Overland Gear

See the full overview of all the awesome from Overland Expo East 2015 HERE, and also be sure to check out all the cool adventuremobile HERE. Now it’s time to check out all the cool gear by the many amazing overland industry companies in attendance. Everything from tires to slingshots were on display this year.

EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 1Quigley 4×4 showed off it’s new 4×4 converted Ford Transit sporting some BFG all terrains and some Baja style bumpers and sliders.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 2BFG‘s driving course truly showed off the capabilities of the new AT KO2 tires in muddy conditions!
EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 3Outrider USA showed off this fully electric recumbent off-road bicycle, the Horizon, which is actually quite impressive off-road and isn’t slugish. At a starting price of $10K it better be!EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 4Baja Designs brought out a bunch of quality lights, but the new XL-R 80 is next level bright!EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 5Main Line Overland doesn’t mind doing things a bit differently, like mounting two HUGE ARB Intensity lights to their GS.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 6Main Line also makes these cool light pods, that feature Rigid Industries lights, for ARB front bumpers.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 7Maxtrax come in tons of colors to match your ride, and were used to extract lots of people from the mud over the weekend.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 8Crux Offroad has created these bridging/traction ladders, which are quite heavy and bulky, but also quite strong and effective.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 9Equipt showed off a wide range of products, many of which are featured on the Expedition Overland 4 Runner “Rufio.”EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 10The back of “Rufio” features an AT Overland Equipment drawer/stove/fridge slide system and a National Luna fridge.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 11Equipt also showed off the quality Alu-box cases in a ton of different sizes and shapes.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 12Aluminess makes quality bumpers, roof racks, ladders and other goodies for your overland adventuremobile, and specialize in the under serviced off-road van market.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 13The details and craftsmanship that are showcased on AEV products are second to none.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 14It’s all about the details. I love this little window vent I spotted on a Sportsmobile 4wd Sprinter.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 15Because your Jeep needs more power! Add a Sprintex supercharger and you’ll get plenty more of that 🙂EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 16Cool new awning bracket from Bomber Products that works on all round and square roof bars.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 17Few products got as much attention at the show this year as the Camp Champ. This all-in-one kitchen and dining system packs down into the crate that becomes the stand, uses only top end products, serves 6 and the construction is of extremely high quality. It isn’t light or very small and costs about $5,000, but it will elevate your glamping to a whole new level.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 18Thrive makes a FULL line of freeze dried food products, which are all natural and quite tasty.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 19Yeti‘s new line of soft coolers are burly and ready for adventure.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 20Mr. Heater makes quality hot water systems, portable heaters and even a laundry machine for your vehicle based adventures.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 21I’ve used Watershed bags for years in the whitewater kayak world (check out my review HERE), but they also work great for dual sport moto adventures.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 22Mosko Moto has brought outdoor industry tech and style to adventure moto luggage.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 23You can now listen to Ted Simon’s Jupiter’s Travels book on your next roadtrip in this new 14 cd audio book set.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 24Clothing Arts makes pick pocket proof pants, and some great travel shirts, that are ready for travel around the globe. A full review is coming soon on Exploring Elements.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 25SimpleShot is bringing the art of the slingshot to a whole new level.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 26ALL ages enjoyed the SimpleShot slingshot target range, which included expert instruction.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 27MANY overlanders take their coffee seriously, and the Java Can has everything you need to make that perfect brew.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 28The OZ Tent Pilot Chair DLX is crazy comfortable, and even has an optional wine glass holder that is quite trick.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 29If you appreciate craftsmanship, then Blue Ridge Chair Works has your camp furniture needs sorted.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 30Gear Gripz is a new product that provides style and a non-slip surface to anything you think might need it.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 31Fenix makes some quality lighting accessories that are perfect for your next outdoor adventure.EEOverlandExpoEast2015OverlandGear 32Overland Empire is bringing that safari style back to your overland experience.

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