OVERLAND EXPO EAST 2015: Off-Road Adventuremobile

Overland Expo East 2015 was greeted by a hurricane, but the torrential rains and wind didn’t stop the overland tribe from coming out in droves to show off their off-road adventuremobile. The vehicles below are a selection of the WIDE range of rigs in attendance this year. You can also check out all the Overland Gear from the show and a full event report HERE.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 1The EEXP was one of the few featured vehicles at the show. The Maxtrax came in handy to extract a number of vehicles from the general parking area, including a BMW 3 series and a new Mustang GT.

EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 2VERY few motos this year, mostly due to the insane weather. Love this sidecar setup!EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 3G-Wagon are just so classic. Love this color on this short wheel base diesel model.
EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 4The Element with ECamper always gets a lot of love, even if it isn’t the burly off-road overland monster you’re use to seeing in overland industry marketing.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 5Cummins displayed a few vehicles, but I’m not so sure many attendees could relate to this Foton Sauvana, a new vehicle available to the Chinese market.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 6I wonder what this Armada plans to push out of the way with those bumper guards?EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 7Lots of classic 4×4 with tasteful quality mods in attendance.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 8The new 4-Runner is a definite hit amongst the overland crowd.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 9Main Line Overland‘s FJ with AT Flatbed trailer and a load of dual sport motos is ready for some serious fun!EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 10The LC200 is finally coming into a used price point where it is attainable to more North American Overlanders. This example is well build with a TON of ARB accessories.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 11 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 12 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 13Land Rover were out in full force at this year’s event.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 14Because Camel Trophy 🙂EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 15 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 16You don’t see a Discovery camper every day!EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 17 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 18 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 19This D130 has a lot of cool custom features and is being built up by Young Rovers.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 20 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 21 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 22The Range Rover looks so good covered in mud!EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 23The new, to the North American market, Range Rover Sport HSE Td6. Pretty sweet to finally have a diesel Land Rover option from the factory here in America.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 24 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 25 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 26 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 27LOTS of Jeep JK, as you’d expect, in all shapes and styles.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 28Love the matching color scheme.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 29The AEV Brute Double Cab is quite a monster.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 30You don’t see too many fully optioned off-road Ford Rangers.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 31The classic Sunraider, maybe the original all in one North America overland camper.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 32Sadly we still can’t have a diesel Frontier, and there is currently no date for possible production.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 33Love the moto trailer bike carrier behind this Tacoma setup 🙂EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 34This Ford Raptor is VERY well setup and has been on serious off-road adventures across North America.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 35These two motos are setup with Christini 2wd systems, which I’m sure came in handy with all the mud this year.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 36FINALLY, a Cummins diesel powered Nissan Titan. This truck will hit dealer lots December 2015 and is VERY well optioned as standard. I can’t wait to test drive one of these bad boys!EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 37 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 38AEV Ram Truck accessories are tasteful and functional.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 39Four-Wheel Campers had a HUGE presence at the show, with campers on a wide variety of built up and stock pickups.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 40 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 41Tiger Expedition Vehicles showed off their full range of impressive vehicles.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 42 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 43GXV showed off this well sorted Turtle model camper on a Ram 4500 chassis. The slightly used price on this bad boy is $229,000.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 44Truck campers don’t have to be small!EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 45Not too many VW vans at the show this year, but love this example brought down from Quebec by Maximum 100 km/h.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 46Pinzgauer awesome! This example is VERY well sorted out by technichen.

EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 47Quigley 4×4 is at it again, keeping the 4×4 van life alive. The new Ford Transit is now ready for light off-road duty.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 48 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 49 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 504wd vans are just cool! I don’t think there is any cooler than the beasts that UJoint Offroad builds, like their shop truck the V4 flatbed van with Sherpa camper system.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 51 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 52EarthCruiser has the Fuso dialed, now offering flatbed as well as hard-sided and pop-up campers.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 53 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 54 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 55 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 56Mogs are amazing beasts, that come in MANY shapes and sizes.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 57 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 58 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Vehicles 59The Ride of My Life” travels in this amazing camper with a full moto garage, when not touring the globe in the saddle of one of the motos.

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