OVERLAND EXPO 2016: Top 50 Homes On Wheels


Let’s kick off the Overland Expo 2016 coverage with the top 50 homes on wheels, that I spotted around the show. It was an incredible year, which broke attendance records, showcased a bunch of new products and was the quality gathering of the overland tribe that is always expected of this event. Lots more coverage coming your way soon, which includes Off-Road Adventuremobile, Hot Gear from Overland Expo 2016 and all the happenings from around Overland Expo 2016.

We’ll start this post with my pics for the Top 10 Homes on Wheels from Overland Expo 2016, from smallest to largest:

OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-11. The Land Rover Forward Control 101 series 2B “Over-Lander” is a VERY well traveled home! Check out “Overland With Dipli” for full travel stories on this rig, and for a quick overview of what this machine is all about read THIS.OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-22. This is what you get when you build out a Hummer Ambulance into a overland vehicle. Retail pricing on this build is about $100,000. Find out more information on HUMV4U.com.OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-33. If you want to truly make your 4×4 Sprinter off-road capable, and look good while doing it, look no further than Roam Built.OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-44. This 1987 Mercedes Unimog 1300 is truly ready to take you anywhere in comfort and style. It had a full rebuild in 2015 and is currently for sale for $225,000 by Hellgeth Engineering.OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-55. I was impressed with the attention to detail and high end components that went into this initial prototype for Overland Explorer. I expect some very cool builds to come out of this company in the future.OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-66. This classic Mercedes truck offers up style, durability and a huge amount of living space.
OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-77. This monster GMC C4500 with custom composite camper has already tackled Baja, and is ready to take you, and your friends or family, around the globe.OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-88. Global Expedition Vehicles makes some of the largest and most comfortable overland vehicles in North America. This Safari Extreme on FMTV M1078 Chassis build is for sure a “Wild Thing”!OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-99. Unicat is, and has been, the world leader in top of the line global capable overland vehicles. This Terracross 52 on an International truck chassis is an impressive build.OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-1010. This Unicat built 6×6 U2450 camper is currently for sale by Couch Off-Road Engineering, for about $380,000. I was lucky enough to check out the interior of this build, and can confirm that the attention to detail is second to none.

40 More Awesome Homes on Wheels:

OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-11Unimogs are awesome, and come in sooo many shapes and styles!OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-12 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-13 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-14 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-15 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-16 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-17 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-18 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-19 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-20 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-21 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-22 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-23 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-24 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-25 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-26Why would you not pull your 5th Wheel trailer with an ex-military 6×6 tractor???OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-27Mercedes Sprinter Vans are taking over the overland world, and can be configured in a near infinite number of ways.
OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-28 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-29 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-30Fuso based rigs are becoming more and more popular, expeically since the North American market received the 4×4 version.OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-31 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-32 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-33 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-34Yes, that is a 2 person kayak that breaks down into pieces for easier transport, and can be configured as a one person kayak, on the roof rack.OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-35 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-36 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-37Have I mentioned that I love the Ford E-Series vans, especially when they are 4×4 and have a pop-top? I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for these builds.OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-38 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-39 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-40 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-41 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-42The EEXP was tucked away in the Maxtrax booth this year, which sadly got buried by other vendors and made it hard for people to find.OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-43Probably one of the best, and maybe most overlooked, new builds at Overland Expo this year was this Ram 2500 Cummins flatbed build with Four Wheel Campers Hawk flatbed truck camper on it, by AT Overland Equipment. VERY well thought out package that utilizes only the best components.OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-44 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-45 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-46I was very impressed with the direction that this HAF Xpedition Camper prototype is going. It is an all aluminum construction, inside and out, flatbed camper system which creates a very durable, light and utilitarian package.OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-47 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-48 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-49 OverlandExpo2016BigRigs-50You know the party is over when you see the Ninkasi Brewing overland rig roll out of camp! There were more than a few Ninkasi fueled happy hours and parties at Overland Expo 2016.

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