OVERLAND EXPO 2016: Overland Gear

Hot Gear From Overland Expo 2016

With over 200 vendors at Overland Expo 2016 there was something for every adventurer. Gear at the show ranged from backcountry fire starters, all the way to full off-road trailer systems with roof top tents, and quite literally almost everything you can think of in-between.

I’ve already shared with you the Top 50 Homes on Wheels and the Top 50 Offroad Adventuremobile, and soon an overall event recap that will give you a better taste of what the event itself was really all about.

We’ll kick off this run through, of the plethora of cool gear I spotted around Overland Expo 2016, with my Top 10 Gear picks from around the show:

OverlandExpo2016Gear-11. The star of the show had to be the AT Overland Equipment Habitat system. The company showed it off on a few Tacoma’s, and debuted at the show a version for the Jeep JK. The team at Expedition Overland got their hands on production unit #1 for their new Toyota Tacoma build.
OverlandExpo2016Gear-22. ShiftPod make some really cool, and spacious, shelters. These units pack down into a bag (as seen on table), which is easily loaded onto most overland vehicle roof racks. They are relatively light weight (57 lbs) and cost about $1,200. They can withstand crazy high winds as well, as they proved at this year’s event!OverlandExpo2016Gear-3 OverlandExpo2016Gear-43. The GoSun Sport is a very cool solar cooker. It costs $280, can cook amazing cinnamon rolls and can be purchased from Jason at Product Research Gear.OverlandExpo2016Gear-54. Hema Maps has officially entered the North American market with the release of their HEMA Explorer app, with detailed mapping, which is continually being improved, for this continent. They are the hands down leader in the off-road mapping segment in Australia, and I look forward to seeing what they can bring to backcountry travel in North America.
OverlandExpo2016Gear-65. Rev’It has a full line of adventure motorcycle boots coming soon. They utilize some great outdoor tech, like OutDry and BOA, and look like they will be a quality offerings for the overland rider.OverlandExpo2016Gear-76. The soon to be released Nemo Equipment Cloudview hammock is VERY comfortable! The main thing that sets this hammock apart from all others is that it is designed to allow for easy socializing with others around you, vs the typical hammock where you’re buried down in the fabric and in a more reclined position.OverlandExpo2016Gear-8 OverlandExpo2016Gear-97. Scout Equipment Company showed off their impressive kitchen and drawer system for the Toyota 4 Runner. The entire unit fits in the cargo area of the vehicle, and is designed for maximum cooking efficiency.OverlandExpo2016Gear-108. Mosko Moto continues to innovate by making quality off-road motorcycle “soft baggage for hard travel.” I’m quite excited about their soon to be released tank bag.OverlandExpo2016Gear-119. Alu-Cab debuted a full line of products that they are now offering the North American market. Their pop-top style roof top tent, wrap around awning system and truck bed topper were featured on this awesome overland Tacoma build.OverlandExpo2016Gear-1210. Very cool new products are about to hit North American shores from Terra Camper, Lumi Coin and BoX. Terra Camper builds out incredible Mercedes Metris vans. Lumi Coin makes some extremely high end lighting systems, which are perfect for overland vehicles. BoX builds composite construction camper boxes, that look to be of extremely high quality and reasonably priced.OverlandExpo2016Gear-13

LOTS more awesome gear from Overland Expo 2016:

Besides my picks for the Top 10 above, there were also a TON of other cool products spotted around the show, which are sure to make your next overland trip that much more fun, safe, entertaining, delicious and/or adventurous.OverlandExpo2016Gear-14Autohome still offers the industry standard in hard shell roof top tents. Their booth is also always full of other cool stuff; like the American Camp Chair, Luci Lights and a sweet Defender 110 from Defenders NW.OverlandExpo2016Gear-15iKamper, out of South Korea, is a new entrant into the North American overland market. They offer some unique hardshell RTTs that expand sideways, as well as vertically, and also offer a small folding camp kitchen setup. The tents are pricey, but seem to be built well, are unique and have a very cool clamp system for mounting the tent to your roof rack. The kitchen setup is really small, but I’m not sure most North American’s are going to want to cook on such a low surface.
OverlandExpo2016Gear-16 OverlandExpo2016Gear-17 OverlandExpo2016Gear-18Total Composites, out of Vancouver, Canada, offer a ton of panels and extrusions that are perfectly suited for overland camper building. Look for this company to make a big splash in the industry soon, as a number of camper manufacturers will be using their panels, and they also sell direct to consumer. My wheels are already spinning, dreaming up the possibilities for a new adventuremobile.OverlandExpo2016Gear-19Goose Gear continues to innovate and create quality products for a number of overland vehicle platforms. They now offer a full plate system for the Jeep JKU that allows you to have under floor storage, as well as securely add and remove modules to it with ease.OverlandExpo2016Gear-20Camp Champ debuted at Overland Expo East 2015 to the US market, but they now have a distributor in the country, and are soon to have product in stock on our shores. While not inexpensive or light weight, this truly high quality camp kitchen setup is ready to prepare, and serve, gourmet meals to you and 5 of your closest friends.OverlandExpo2016Gear-21Dometic makes and distributes a plethora of useful products for the overland market. On the EEXP I have a Dometic fridge, awning, toilet and windows. Great value for products, which in my experience, hold up really well.OverlandExpo2016Gear-22Cam and the crew at Mojoe Griddle were cooking up delicious grub all weekend on their versatile cook tops. If you need to feed an army at camp, the Mojo Griddle is for you.OverlandExpo2016Gear-23The Tembo Tusk Skottle continues to evolve into quite possibly the ultimate overland camp stove.OverlandExpo2016Gear-24Rockbox Offroad make quality off-road trailers, and offer a full compliment of quality overland products to outfit your next adventure.OverlandExpo2016Gear-25I’m not sure if there are more full featured off-road trailers than those offered by Turtleback Trailers.OverlandExpo2016Gear-26Backcountry Box trailers are designed to be light, nimble and can be configured to haul your camp or adventure gear.OverlandExpo2016Gear-27Maxtrax are still the go to recovery board in the off-road and overland markets. I was honored to have the EEXP in the Maxtrax booth this year, helping spread the good word about this awesome product that has gotten me out of MANY off-road recovery situations, quickly and efficiently.OverlandExpo2016Gear-28Factor 55 continues to bring innovative quality new products to market, which make winch recoveries that much safer.OverlandExpo2016Gear-29Warn continues to support the overland market and manufacture the most well respected winches on the planet.
OverlandExpo2016Gear-30Hellwig Products offers quality load control products, which are perfect for many different overland vehicle applications. I run the Hellwig helper springs and rear sway bar on the EEXP, and couldn’t be happier with the setup. This year Ninkasi Brewing also came out to supported a ton of companies at the show with happy hour libations, including Hellwig.OverlandExpo2016Gear-31Triple Aught Design offers a ton of american made products that are a perfect compliment to the overland adventurer.OverlandExpo2016Gear-32The DeLorme inReach should be your go to navigation and communication device for overland travels. I’ve used this device all over the world with great success, and am extremely happy to be an ambassador for such a great company and quality product.
OverlandExpo2016Gear-33The new Alpinestars Corozal boot is designed for the adventure motorcyclist. It is only $290, waterproof and offers great comfort, both on and off the bike.OverlandExpo2016Gear-34Chris Van Loan Photography continues to impress with spectacular imagery from the road less traveled. Chris offered up some amazing metal prints, of some of his most impactful images, at the show.OverlandExpo2016Gear-35I’m not sure that this fits in the overland travel category, but it was on display at the show and looks extremely fun. I guess it does go “over land” 😉

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