Overland Expo 2015: Overland Gear

The overland tribe gathers together every year, in May, at Mormon Lake Lodge, just south of Flagstaff, AZ, for Overland Expo. The event showcases some of the newest and best products in the overland and off-road markets. The photos below highlight some of the cool gear from Overland Expo 2015. When outfitting your adventuremobile, keep these innovative products in mind.

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 1

Buckstop now offers a full single rear wheel kit for the Ford F550 platform which includes 41″ tires, a new custom front bumper, a 3″ lift and carbon fender flares. With this conversion your big truck will truly be ready for adventure!

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 2

Delorme had a packed booth all weekend. They sold out of inReach devices, and sold a ton of Gazetteers and their just released Earthmate App. This app is going to revolutionize how we navigate on our adventures!

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 3

Factor 55 always brings all kinds of closed system winching bling.

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 4

SPod has released a new version of their accessory managment system that is slick beyond words. The touch screen monitor keeps the install tidy and provides more information and customization than you could ever get with standard switches.

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 5

Mojo Outfitters was cooking up hot fresh grub all weekend on their Mojo Griddles. Not the lightest overland camp kitchen accessory, but for sure steps up your camp cooking game!

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 6

The Tembo Tusk crew were also cooking up tasty hot treats all weekend, on their Skottle cook system and Heavy Duty Tables.

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 7

Triple Aught Design is always a crowd pleaser with their full line of tactical adventure clothing and accessories. Snagging one of their limited edition Expo patches is a must each year.

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 8

Crux Offroad showed off a new sand ladder/bridging recovery system. It is light weight, comes in a tiny box (as some assembly is required) and can also be converted into a very nice camp table.

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 9

The Lynx Hooks tie down system is extremely versatile and offers a TON of configuration options.

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 10

Jackcovers now offers a high quality fully personalized Hi-Lift Jack cover that can withstand the punishments from the trail and the sun.

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 11

Pretty impressive that this little lithium battery system can jump a big diesel engine. Antigravity Batteries have been a leader in the jump start/battery bank systems for many years with their Micro-Start line.

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 12

Goose Gear had some vehicle issues on the way to Expo, but showed up with a ton of quality gear to outfit your adventuremobile; drawer systems, cutting boards and bags from Blue Ridge Overland Gear.

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 14

The Air Armor system is an all in one off-road tire kit that includes repair kit and compressor, all packed inside an ammo can.

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 15

Hellwig makes the gear that keep your loaded overland adventuremobile ride smoothly and in control both on and off road.

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 16

The Arc trailer jockey wheel system is a must for your off-road overland trailer setup.

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 17

Lots of cool tear drop off-road trailers this year at Expo, like this unit from TC Teardrops.

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 18

4x Innovations has all your off-road Toyota vehicle armor needs covered.

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 19

Arizona Outdoor Furniture showcased some very cool camp furniture that will elevate any overland camping experience.

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 20

Goal Zero showed off their full line of quality solar systems, which allow the adventurer to stay off the grid longer.

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 21

LOTS of solar options this year at Expo. Flexible solar panel systems are a maturing technology and Power Film Solar is integrating them into your outdoor adventure experience.

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 22

Overland Solar is making super affordable quality solar solutions for the overland traveler.

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 23

Equipt always brings all kinds of cool overland adventuremobile bling to Expo. Paul also throws THE party to be at each year.

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 24

The crazy weather proved a good thing for Expedition Apparel, who sold lots of warm clothing to Expo attendees.

EEOverlandExpo2015Gear 25

Yeti Coolers probably wins the best booth award with this sweet horse trailer setup.

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