Overland Expo 2015: Off-Road Adventuremobile

There are always so many amazing overland adventuremobile in attendance at the annual Overland Expo, and 2015 was no different. The following is a gallery of many of the interesting “trail sized” off-road capable overland rigs that I spotted around the 3 day event, which include: GWagon, Series Land Rover, Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover Classic, Defender, Land Crusier, Tacoma, 4 Runner, FJ Cruiser, Jeep TJ, Jeep JK, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, VW Westy, Delica, Pinzgauer, Montero, Suburban and RAM Truck. The off-road capabilities, as well as the recovery equipment, were put to the test for many of these rigs as they extracted themselves from the muddy quagmire that was the general camping area at Mormon Lake, at the end of the long weekend. As event organizer, Roseanne Hanson, said during her opening ceremony speech Friday morning; “There will be a test of the skills you’ve learned on Sunday, as the weather might make things interesting.”

Stay tuned for more Overland Expo coverage coming soon, including all the cool “Big Rigs.”

EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 1Mastodon 4×4 builds these incredible ex-military diesel GWagon into what ever sort of amazing off-road adventuremobile your heart desires. Surprisingly “affordably” as well!

EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 2If you want to take your GWagon to the next level you’re going to need to get some portal axels from LeTech.EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 3 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 4 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 5How cool are these old Series Rovers with Dormobile conversions!EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 6 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 7Chazz Layne went all out with a custom Overland Expo ’15 hood paint scheme on his Disco.EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 8 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 9 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 10 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 11 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 12 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 13 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 14 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 15 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 16The A2A family and their Defender 130 are on quite the adventure! Follow their story and buy their book. Awesome people!EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 17 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 18 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 19 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 20 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 21The US HEMA Map Patrol Land Cruiser is looking sharp!EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 22 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 23Safari Ltd in Grand Junction, CO builds some cool and capable Toyotas!EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 24I have such a soft spot for Troopies. They are such an appealing overland vehicle platform.EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 25 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 26 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 27 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 2880 Series Land Cruiser with Cummins 4BT diesel being built up by Overland The World for a big South American adventure.EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 29 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 30 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 31 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 32Some cool adventure ready Land Cruisers by Bump It Offroad.EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 33 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 34A little muddy in the general camping area, but there was a Tacoma at the end of the rainbow 🙂EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 35Toytec Rallye Aicha Gazelles Tacoma build.
EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 36All-Pro Offroad‘s beastly overland Tacoma build.EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 37 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 38CVT showed off a few of their RTT on the company Taco.EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 39The always impressive American Adventurist Tacoma build. More awesome every time I see it!EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 40The Toyota Tacoma and Four Wheel Camper setup is quite popular amongst the overland crowd!EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 41 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 42The “all new” 2016 Tacoma was displayed proudly in the Four Wheel Campers booth.EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 43TCT Magazine had a big camp with the full range of Toyota overland platforms in attendance.EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 44 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 45The new 4 Runner looks sharp outfitted with all the overland goodies by Expedition Overland.EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 46 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 47 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 48 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 49 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 50It was easy to find some mud if you wanted to have some fun in your Jeep 🙂EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 51 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 52 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 53The Jeep Africa concept vehicle from this yr’s EJS was prominently displayed in the Overland International booth.EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 54 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 55 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 56 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 57 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 58Drive Nacho Drive was in attendance with their well traveled VW Vanagon.

EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 59If you don’t follow the 14+yr adventure that has been Pablo and Anna’s drive around the globe in the La Cucaracha, then you are seriously missing out on something special. These guys are awesome and you can follow their adventures at: Viajeros4x4x4.com. Also be sure to purchase one of their books. Check out my book review HERE.

EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 60 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 61 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 62You don’t see too many Ford Explorer adventuremobile, but it looks like it might be a great affordable platform for off-road adventures.EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 63 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 64 EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 65Wilco Offroad‘s well sorted RAM, loaded with toys.EEOverlandExpo2015TrailRigs 66

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