Overland Expo 2015: Motos

While I might not be an adventure moto guy, yet at least (I do have a motorcycle license though), I’m always impressed by the hearty souls who throw a leg over an adventure bike and hit the road less traveled. Motorcycle travel exposes you to the elements in so many ways that just aren’t experienced in a four wheeled adventuremobile. This exposure can be the most rewarding experience imaginable, and also many times the most miserable. The adventure moto tribe that gathered at Overland Expo 2015 braved some tough conditions, but were rewarded with amazing connections, with both other adventurers and industry professionals alike. Check out the below for a taste of the moto action from a snowy, muddy and cold Overland Expo 2015.

EEOverlandExpo2015Motos 1

Tenting in the mud and snow probably wasn’t the most comfortable, but I think most would agree it was worth it.

EEOverlandExpo2015Motos 2

Yeager from the Traveling Trio getting some expert instruction from Rawhyde and learning to fly.

EEOverlandExpo2015Motos 3

It always impresses me the way skilled riders can throw around a big bike!

EEOverlandExpo2015Motos 4

This full custom ride from Rev’It started life as a KTM 950 and is now a 2 wheel drive off-road animal. They call it the Rev’It #95.

EEOverlandExpo2015Motos 5

The tech behind electric motos is maturing quickly and Zero Motorcycles is leading the charge in production off-road capable machines.

EEOverlandExpo2015Motos 6

Expedition Electric created this insane electric adventure moto.

EEOverlandExpo2015Motos 7

The legendary Bruce Dorn enjoying his runabout, the Honda Grom.

EEOverlandExpo2015Motos 8

Adventure motorcycles come in sooooo many flavors!

EEOverlandExpo2015Motos 9

How can you not appreciate the classic lines of a Triumph Scrambler 900, especially when clad in knobby tires.

EEOverlandExpo2015Motos 10

I really like this Honda CB500X Adventure that has been properly prepared for overland travel by Rally Raid Products and Giant Loop. The setup has me dreaming up all kinds of adventures to take it on!

EEOverlandExpo2015Motos 11

Follow the Trans-Am 500 adventures of Jenny Dakar as she traverses the US on dirt on the Honda CB500X Adventure.

EEOverlandExpo2015Motos 12

KTM are just sexy machines! I mean come on, they’re orange 🙂

EEOverlandExpo2015Motos 13

The Yamaha Super Tenere is a mighty machine!

EEOverlandExpo2015Motos 14

The most ubiquitous adv moto in North America is the BWW 1200 GS. EVERY aftermarket accesory one could imagine is available for this big bike.

EEOverlandExpo2015Motos 15

If you’re looking to connect with like minded moto enthusiasts on your travels, and need a good place to lay your head for the night, Tad & Gaila have you sorted with their new website MotoStays.com. Check them out!

EEOverlandExpo2015Motos 16

I was really impressed by the style quality and good people at Icon Raiden . How sexy is that moto as well!

EEOverlandExpo2015Motos 17

Always a highlight at Overland Expo is the 2wd Ural w/sidecar. Maybe I should get this orange one and throw some kayaks in the side-car…

EEOverlandExpo2015Motos 18

If you love adventure off-road moto racing and are looking for something closer to home than Dakar, be sure to check out the Baja Rally.

EEOverlandExpo2015Motos 19

Big bikes, big adventures.

EEOverlandExpo2015Motos 20

Navigation and comms are critical to a fun and safe off-road adventure. Paper maps, the Garmin Montana and a Delorme inReach Explorer are a formidable combination that will help you get anywhere, and back again.

EEOverlandExpo2015Motos 21

The friendly Overland Expo staff checking in on everyone around the event. Looking good Roseanne & Anthony!

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