Overland Expo 2015: Big Rigs

It’s hard to ignore when a massive overland adventuremobile rolls up in front of you! At Overland Expo each year there are always a huge variety of the big rigs in attendance that vie for your attention. Overland Expo 2015 was no different, with vehicles ranging from massive Brazos based rigs to smaller van and full sized american pickup sized rigs. While it’s hard to define what makes a “big rig” different from a “trail rig,” I’ve basically separated them in my coverage of the show by vehicles where you need to setup camp, and those where the bed and living space is always ready to go. For all the “trail sized” rigs from this year’s Overland Expo be sure to check out the post HERE.

OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 1GXV makes some truly impressive large overland rigs on a HUGE variety of capable platforms.OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 2The European MAN truck based overland rigs always impress! Check out the adventures of the Cruising Nomads.OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 3Old school is still cool! Expedition Electric‘s adventuremobile is For Sale.OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 4The Land Rover FC OverLander is a truly impressive rig, that actually isn’t that large.OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 5Pinzgauer 6×6 goodness 🙂OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 6GWagon make for capable adventure platform.OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 7The Euros have been making quality 4×4 Sprinter based adventure rigs for quite awhile.OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 8Always LOTS of Unimogs at Expo 🙂OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 9Perky Mog is just so awesome in so many ways! Oh, its orange as well!!!OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 10Because all adventuremobile should have a front porch.OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 11SOOO many FUSO based rigs on the market right now, like this ATW unit from Sportsmobile West.OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 12Earth Cruiser unveiled their new hard sided unit at Expo this year.OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 13 OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 14 OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 15Phoenix Pop-Up Campers FUSO debut.OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 16Four Wheel Campers created this sweet FUSO rig.OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 17Home built hard sided slide awesome!
OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 18Robinson FUSO is a very well kitted out FUSO based exploration machine.
OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 19 OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 20 OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 21SOOOO many Sportsmobile. The van life is strong at Expo!OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 22It looks like a stock van, but it’s actually Sportsmobile‘s new cutaway unit with a full custom fiberglass van body that provides even more interior space.OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 23If you want to get your hands on a new Sportsmobile 4×4 Sprinter there is about a year waiting list at this time. This one is pretty well sorted and would run you about $110K.OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 24Super insulated 4×4 van build for northern winter time explorations.OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 25The mighty UJoint Offroad V4 with Sherpa.OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 26You don’t see too many 4×4 Chevy vans, especially with this much off-road kit!OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 27PRG with a bit of bigger lift and a sweet Trials moto since the last time we crossed paths.OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 28The EarthRoamer XV-LT is about as luxurious as adventuremobile get. Many of the interiors feel like being inside a spacious Leer jet!

OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 29The always impressive Turtle V! The Turtle Expedition are the old guard of overlanding, who are still exploring the globe today.

OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 30 OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 31Tiger Adventure Vehicles always stand out of the crowd as unique builds that provide a ton of living comfort.
OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 32 OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 33There were lots of more traditional truck campers at Expo, including the newer flat bed style units.

OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 34Great build by AT Overland Equipment featuring a FWCamper and new ARB front bumper.

OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 35AEV RAM truck awesome!

OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 36 OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 37 OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 38 OverlandExpoBigRigs2015 39And of course the EEXP was there and this year helping #PerpetuateBetterLiving with Ninkasi Brewing 🙂

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