MAYA RALLY: Video Series

The inaugural Maya Rally in 2012 was a pretty epic overland scavenger hunt style event across southern Mexico. Team Astrid, consisting of myself and Anthony Sicola of Overland Nomads ended up completing the entire “survival guide” and taking home the overall victory for the Rally. In the end the Rally was all about friendships made and adventures experienced. Hopefully you can take away from the following video series that same feeling. While I supplied much of the video content for this series Enrique Vega really brought the Maya Rally  video series to life by editing together the different perspectives of all the competitors who supplied footage. Sit back and enjoy the show:)

Part 1: Getting to Guanajuato

Part 2: Boys of Irapuato

Part 3: The Start

Part 4: Survival Guide

Part 5: Survival Guide to the End


I’d like to send out a huge thanks you at the companies who supported Team Astrid on our Maya Rally adventure:

LED Lenser

Triple Aught Design

Warn Industries


You can read more about the Maya Rally 2012 on Exploring Elements at the following links, with more to come:

MAYA RALLY: The Journey to the Begining of the End

MAYA RALLY: Do Good As You Go

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