LIFE OF ADVENTURE: Gift Guide 2017

2017 Life Of Adventure Holiday Gift Guide

You don’t need “things” to live an amazing life of adventure, but some gear is sure to elevate your experience. I believe in buying less stuff, but when buying stuff, making sure it is high quality versatile stuff. This philosophy is something I also carry into my gift giving, as besides a few short term smiles, disposable cheaply made gifts don’t do anything for anyone. No matter your budget, there should be something on this list that will elevate your loved one’s life of adventure. May your holidays be full of cheer and quality gear. Adventure on!

Cheers, Bryon

Sea To Summit Sleep System

Talus Ts II Long ($419 BUY NOW), Comfort Plus Insulated Large ($175.96 BUY NOW), Air Stream Dry Sack Pump ($24.95), Aeros Pillow Premium Regular ($35.12 BUY NOW), Thermolite Reactor Extreme Liner ($67.90 BUY NOW)

With over 120 nights in this sleep system, in a WIDE range of conditions around the globe, I can highly recommend every piece in the setup. It is a quality versatile system that will keep you warm and comfortable wherever your sleeping arrangements might find you. For my full review click HERE.

Kumo Board Complete Set

($199.95 BUY NOW)

Balance boards are fun, a great workout and great for injury recovery, but they are also heavy, hard and not very compact. The new Kumo board answers these issues by being the first inflatable balance board. Super comfortable to use anywhere, packs up pretty small, is light weight and easy to transport. Great to use indoors, outdoors and where ever your travels might take you. I’m looking forward to getting good enough at it that I can use it on the roller while working on my laptop at a stand up desk. Bonus: The inflatable roller works great as a “foam roller,” an essential piece of adventure kit if you’re anything like me and have a regularly tight back and hamstrings.

American Whitewater Membership

($35.00+ BUY NOW)

What better way that supporting an organization that is one of the best stewards of the whitewater rivers around the country? Of course if the person you’re gifting isn’t into whitewater adventures there are a wide range of other great organizations doing quality work to be stewards of our environment and look after recreational rights for us and future generations.

Garmin inReach Explorer+

($449.95 + subscription BUY NOW)

The best way I’ve found to stay connected while on the go, when you need to be, anywhere in the world. I’ve used this device in the Arctic Circle, in the remote SE Australia High Country, the depths of the Grand Canyon and nearly everywhere in between,  without a single issue. Two-way satellite communication and location tracking in a small powerful unit.

Peak Design

Slide ($50.96 BUY NOW), Clutch ($33.96 BUY NOW), Capture Pro ($67.96 BUY NOW)

Every piece of Peak Design camera gear I’ve used has been outstanding. I keep adding their system to every new camera I purchase. All of their quality products are worth considering for the photog in your life, but I can highly recommend the Slide, Clutch and Capture Pro products from experience.

Lowepro Photo Sport BP 300 AW II

($199.95 BUY NOW For Less)

I LOVE my Lowepro Photo Sport backpack! I’ve traveled the globe with this thing and swear by it for fast and light adventures, which is how I try to keep most of my adventures. Besides being a versatile camera bag it is also just a quality feature rich day pack. I always keep water on me for work and travel, and this bag offers up a hydration sleeve and an outside pocket perfect for a large water bottle.

For a full review of the older Photo Sport 200, which served me well for years, click HERE. If the Photo Sport 300 just isn’t big and burly enough for you, check out my review of the Lowepro Whistler 450, which is my other go to camera backpack, HERE.


(128GB $269.99/256GB $369.99 BUY NOW)

This little gadget is for anyone that needs to back up photo or video files while out on their adventures. Besides doing that quickly and efficiently, it also syncs up with a mobile app to help you edit and share those files quickly and easily while on the go. I’m excited to put this product to the test soon.

Gear Aid Akua Knife

($29.95 BUY NOW)

This classic river rescue knife has been traditionally sold under the McNett brand, and has always been a solid product, but tended to release from its sheath and sink to the bottom of the river when used on a rescue vest for whitewater kayaking. This new iteration, still at the impressively inexpensive $29.95 price point, has a ½” longer handle, an integrated bottle opener and a MUCH better locking sheath. For even further security the sheath can be screwed shut once on a PFD lash tab.

Leatherman Skeletool CX

($79.95 BUY NOW)

The Leatherman Skeletool CX is a badass tool that has all the right stuff to be your go to everyday pocket tool. I’m not one to carry much on me, and I now carry this little guy on almost all my adventures. I’ve tried a host of other multi-tools over the past 4+ years that I’ve owned the Skeletool CX, and I just keep coming back to this lightweight and perfectly optioned tool.

A2A Expeditions Overland Trilogy EBooks

($30 BUY NOW)

I can’t decide which A2A Expeditions book I want to read more, so I think I’ll get all three! The books are full of information by true overlanders, sharing their experience through tips, tricks and stories. While physical copies are nice, and an option, books are heavy and take up too much space for life on the road. With this deal you’ll get all three books (We Will Be Free, Travel The Planet Overland and La Lucha) in DRM-free digital format. Thirty dollars is sooo cheap for such an impressive collection!

ENO Lounger DL

($124.95 BUY NOW)

Basically a hanging hammock chair that sits on the ground, this camp chair is next level comfortable. Feature rich, it offers padded arm rests, a pillow, two seating heights and a cup holder. Lounging around the campfire with friends has never been more comfortable! (Check out the Ultimate Compact Camp Chair Review for even more ideas.)

STEP 22 Gear Ultimate Skottle Kit

($320.00 BUY NOW)

The Tembo Tusk Skottle is a really fun social cooking system, which can be used just about anywhere. Check out my full review HERE. Take the Skottle experience to new heights with the STEP 22 Gear Ultimate Skottle Kit, which integrates and upgrades the best accessories available for the Skottle: carrying case, steamer lid with para-cord handle, steamer tray, all-weather cover and burner windshield.

Clothing Arts Cubed Travel Jacket

($380 BUY NOW)

I’ve fallen for the charms of this extremely versatile and quality jacket. I’ve now done a great deal of travels in this piece, and it has never let me down, both in function or style. It’s extremely waterproof, windproof and breathable, which adds up to a jacket that is perfect for use in a wide range of environments. Extremely stylish and comfortable, the Cubed Travel Jacket is a perfect shell for a life of adventure wherever your adventures might take you. Pair with a quality puffy, like the Sierra Designs DriDown Hoody, and you have a compact, light weight and versatile all weather travel system.

Gear Aid Care & Repair Products

Down Cleaner ($7.99 BUY NOW), Durable Water Proofing ($7.39 BUY NOW), Aquaseal ($6.05 BUY NOW), Tenacious Tape ($6.59 BUY NOW), McNett Wetsuit & Drysuit Shampoo ($8.18 BUY NOW)

Gear Aid is a care and repair company that started in 1981 with the Aquaseal product. Over the years it has operated and sold products under the McNett and Revivex brands, while continuing to be made in America. These products work, and keep your gear in top shape for top performance. They make the perfect gift for any outdoor adventurer in your life. Read my full review of these products HERE.

Icon Raiden DKR Jacket & Pants

($395 & $285 BUY NOW for Less)

I’ve put a lot of pavement and dirt miles in my Raiden DKR system, many of those miles in wet and cold conditions. This combo is extremely weatherproof, durable and offers up a ton of features. Overall a truly great value. Not to mention the quality style.

Mosko Moto Nomad Tank Bag

($199.99 BUY NOW)

The adventure moto tank bag we’ve all been waiting for! Inspired by adventure sport hydration packs, this tank bag also converts into a backpack, has a hydration sleeve, fits a DSLR camera and is quick, easy and secure to mount on a wide range of motorcycles. The perfect gift for that 2-wheeled adventurer in your life!

Ninkasi Brewing Craft Beer


A six pack, or variety of bombers, from a quality company like Ninkasi is rarely a bad idea. You’re not only supporting a company that cares about the environment, its employees and its American made product, you’re also creating the opportunity for sharing quality adult libations around the campfire. The stories and shared experience make this a great gift option.


Experiences are always better than things, and that is why they make great gifts. Sure it generally takes more work to create giftable experiences, but it is worth the effort. A few ideas that might inspire your adventure gift giving: Airline Gift Card, National Park Pass, Rock Climbing Gym Membership, Whitewater Kayaking Class, Ski Resort Lift Tickets, etc…etc…

For even more quality gift ideas this holiday season check out the Exploring Elements gift guides from years past:

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