Life Of Adventure Holiday Gear Guide 2015

EEHolidayGiftGuide2015SliderIt’s important to find the right tools to enjoy a life of adventure safely, in comfort and with the capabilities you require. I fully subscribe to the less is more ethos when it comes to accumulating things. I also, in most cases, prescribe to the “buy once, cry once” ethos when it comes to those pieces of gear that you use all the time, or need to count on when they are used. Have a look below for some select pieces of gear that will elevate your gift giving this holiday season, even if you might just have to buy one of each for yourself as well.


TRX Home Gym ($200)- If you want a compact system that works quickly, and  just about anywhere, to keep your body adventure ready this is the product for you. I carry one with me everywhere I go, and need to get on top of using is more often. I always want to be in a quality physical condition to capitalize on adventure opportunities as they arise.

EEHolidayGiftGuide2015 1

TP GRID Foam Roller ($40)- Self massage and a great workout rolled into one! I use this amazing little tool to get the kinks out of my back after long days on the overland trail, as well as the knots out of my hamstrings/glutes after running and other action sports. Don’t leave home without your foam roller!

EEHolidayGiftGuide2015 2


TAD Tradecraft Shirt ($90)- Timeless style, wrinkle resistant, great durability and American made. What’s not to like? Sure it’s an expensive shirt, but sometimes you really do get what you pay for. I’ve found the versatility of this shirt great for my life on the road, as limited space is always a factor in gear choices for me.

EEHolidayGiftGuide2015 3

(Photo: Matt Scott)

Prana Axiom Jean ($85)- These jeans aren’t cheap, but they are awesome! I wear these ALL the time. Life on the road destroys clothes, and these hold up to the abuse. The most comfortable jeans I’ve ever owned; not too tight, not too baggy.

EEHolidayGiftGuide2015 4

(Photo: Matt Scott)

EE/Ninkasi “Life Of Adventure” Logo Mens/Womans Tees ($20)- Available in Men’s (M, L, XL) & Women’s (S,M,L) sizing. American made quality tees that show your support for creating the “Life Of Adventure” that you’ve always wanted.

EEHolidayGiftGuide2015 6 Jackcover ($50-60)- You have to make sure your vehicle looks as good as you do! The Jackcover not only looks good, but protects your HiLift from the abuses dished out by the environment of living on an off-road vehicle.

EEHolidayGiftGuide2015 7


RV Superbag ($260-$300)- Bring the comforts of home with you on the road. I’ve been using a RV Superbag sleep system for over 4 years now, full time on the road. It’s great for sleeping by yourself or with a significant other, and has the versatility to work well in a huge range of different climates. I recently got the 525 threadcount 100% cotton sheet set, and I can’t tell you how much of an awesome upgrade this is from the standard sheets. WELL worth the extra money! Luxury living for sure.

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Astral Aquaknot ($120)- You might not have heard about Astral Footwear yet, at least if you aren’t in the whitewater kayaking world, but you will soon. Their Aquaknot model is a great all around shoe that is perfect for travel, as they are light weight, pack small, and work just as well in the backcountry as they do around town. Not sure there is a more comfortable everyday shoe on the market.

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(Photo: Jordan Poffenburger)


DeLorme inReach Explorer ($380+ monthly subscription)- The best way I’ve found to stay connected while on the go, when you need to be, anywhere in the world. I’ve used this device in the Arctic Circle and as far south as the SE Australia High Country without a single issue. Two-way satellite communication and location tracking in a small powerful little unit. Check out our full review of the inReach SE, the predecessor to the Explorer, HERE.

EEHolidayGiftGuide2015 9

Maxtrax ($300)- If you want the one piece of off-road recovery gear that all vehicles, including 2 wheel drive, should have for backcountry exploration look no further. These traction boards have extracted my adventuremobiles from mud, sand and snow all across North America.

EEHolidayGiftGuide2015 10

General Grabber AT2 Tires ($242/each)- I run a 285/70R17 E rated tire, and they have served me quite well through many miles of extremely varied terrain in the EEXP overland adventuremobile. I’d have to say that these are the best value AT tire on the market.

EEHolidayGiftGuide2015 11

(Photo: Matt Scott)

Factor 55 HitchLink ($77-120)- If you don’t run burly rear bumpers on your overland/off-road rig than you probably don’t have a quality recovery point on the rear of the vehicle. Factor 55 has you covered with the Made In America HitchLink. I run an orange one, of course, on the EEXP, which has come in handy a number of times.

EEHolidayGiftGuide2015 12

Lucky 8 Soft Shackle ($30)- Using quality recovery gear on your overland/off-road rig is key to staying safe out on the trail less traveled. Lucky8’s soft shackles have an 18,000 lb rating, float, store just about anywhere, don’t rattle and weigh next to nothing. I keep a quiver of soft shackles close at hand in the EEXP at all times.

EEHolidayGiftGuide2015 13


3 Legged Thing Brian Evo 3 Tripod ($500)- Quite possibly the most versatile travel tripod on the market. I’ve been using mine for all sorts of photography work and love nearly everything about it. Full review coming VERY soon, but I’ll cut to the chase and let you know that I think it’s worth every penny of the large asking price.

EEHolidayGiftGuide2015 14

Peak Designs Slide Camera Sling ($60)- The entire Peak Designs system is pretty flawless. I’ve been using the Sling, Clutch and CapturePro on my camera for quite a while now, and can’t see changing anytime soon. The system works better than anything else I’ve tried, and integrates incredibly well with other pieces of gear, like the 3 Legged Thing Tripods.

EEHolidayGiftGuide2015 15

LowePro Photo Sport 200 AW Camera Bag ($165)- This bag has traveled the world with me on all kinds of adventures for a few years now. It holds just the right amount of stuff for those light and fast missions, whether they be in the backcountry or running across the airport to catch a flight. I recently received a LowePro Whistler BP 450 AW and so far it is the big camera bag of my dreams; super durable, large carrying capacity and weather resistant. These two bags are at opposite ends of the spectrum, which is perfect for the varied photo work that I do.

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(Photo: Corrine Walker)


Life In The Slow Lane Book ($13)- The latest in a truly inspiring line of books from the adventurer Dave Cornthwaite. I’ve read a number of his books, and found so much to relate to in this one in particular. If you need a little kick in the pants to get up and do something amazing Dave is sure to help you out with his quick wit and easily relatable writing style.

EEHolidayGiftGuide2015 17

Overland Journal ($45/5 issues)- The standard in high quality vehicle based adventure stories, gear reviews and overland news.

EEHolidayGiftGuide2015 18

Outdoor X4 Magazine ($25/6 issues)- Be inspired to get outdoors and explore, whether by foot, bike, motorcycle or 4 wheeled vehicle.

EEHolidayGiftGuide2015 19

Be sure to keep the family and friends happy throughout this holiday season by keeping the fridge stocked with tasty Ninkasi Brewing craft beer. Remember that these aren’t light weight beers, so be sure to savor the flavor and moderate your intake. I highly suggest trying one of the amazing iterations of their seasonal brew, SLEIGH’R.

EEHolidayGiftGuide2015 20


(Disclaimer: Many of these products have been supplied free of charge, or at a discount, for review consideration over the past few years, while others were purchased independently. All are pieces of gear that I’d personally recommend and spend my own money on.)

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