EVER BETTER EXPEDITION: Land Cruiser Heritage Museum

EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 1I had the extreme honor to visit the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum, as well as enjoy a private tour and catered dinner, on the Toyota Ever-Better Expedition‘s recent stop in Salt Lake City, UT. The day started on the Bonneville Salt Flats International Speedway, which I wrote about HERE, and ended at the Museum. The vehicles in this collection are truly spectacular, and the stories behind many of them are even more interesting. The best part of the evening was the guided tour through the collection by the owner/curator of the collection Greg Miller. He showed the Toyota Ever-Better team members the highlights of the collection and the stories behind some of his most treasured vehicles. His most treasured was most definitely the LC78 from Expeditions 7 that he drove on all 7 continents. The following photos are a quick look at the Ever-Better Expedition stop at the museum, and a glimpse at the amazing Land Cruisers in this collection. For an even more up-close look at this amazing museum be sure to also check out THIS post.

EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 2The entire Ever-Better team was welcomed with open arms by Greg Miller and his team at the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum.EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 3Besides Land Cruisers, there were also other Toyota off-road vehicles represented in the collection. This FJ Cruiser rolled off the production line, onto US soil and directly into the Museum’s collection, now reading something like 3 miles on the odometer.EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 4Toyota Ever-Better team members check out the handy work of their predecessors under the hood of a rare hardtop/softtop FJ43.EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 5Expeditions 7 managed to put one Land Cruiser on all 7 continents, but it took a fleet of Land Cruisers to accomplish the mission and document it appropriately.EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 6 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 7 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 8 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 9Greg Miller is passionate about Land Cruisers, and has been since about 5 when his Dad was a parts manager at a Colorado Toyota dealer.EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 10 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 11This is the LC78 that drove on all 7 continents in its raw, still dirty from the trip, form.EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 12The Ever-Better Expedition will continue on 5 continents, and this LC200 from Australia will be there for the entire journey.EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 13The food was truly spectacular all night!EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 14The collection currently has 60+ vehicles, collected from more than 8 countries around the world. The eventual goal of the museum is to have one of every model Land Cruiser ever made, which would be about 100 different vehicles. The idea is to create a reference center for Land Cruiser restorers from around the globe.EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 15This little green FJ40 is the very first Land Cruiser to be imported in the the US. I’ll let the rest of these images speak for themselves. This collection is truly remarkable to behold, and these photos are just a sampling of what the Museum has on display.EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 16 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 17 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 18 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 19 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 20 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 21 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 22 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 23 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 24 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 25 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 26 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 27 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 28 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 29 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 30 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 31 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 32 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 33 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 34 EELandCruiserHeritageMuseum 35Be sure to follow along with the Toyota Ever-Better Expedition and schedule a tour of the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum, through their website, the next time you visit Salt Lake City, UT. If you want even more photos, this time focused on the details, from this exceptional museum, be sure to check out my UP ClOSE post as well.

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