EVENT: Winter OR 2015

Winter Outdoor Retailer 2015 was chocked full of new exciting gear for the traveler, winter sports enthusiast and for everyone who just loves to explore the great outdoors. Check out my Top 10 Camping Gear post on OutdoorX4, Sarah’s Top 10 Gear for the Overland Lady Life and some of the other really cool gear we found at the show below.

OutdoorX4- Top 10: Camping Gear from Winter OR 2015

Winter OR 2015 TOP 10: Gear For The Overland Lady Life

EEWinterOR2015 1

The on snow demo at Solitude Mtn Resort was action packed with tons of fun new products to try on the slopes, and some quality snow to try them on.

EEWinterOR2015 2

SolarBag is finally coming to the US market. Keep an eye out for a full review of this UV water purification system soon on EE.

EEWinterOR2015 3

HandOut Gloves flip the opposite way you’d expect, but seem to work really well. Cool idea that is executed well, which is a recipe for success.

EEWinterOR2015 4

Bike Boards turn any bicycle into a snow riding machine. I know I could hurt myself doing this, but maybe that’s why it looks so fun!

EEWinterOR2015 5

Felt good to be back on the snow and ripping on some quality skis.

EEWinterOR2015 6

LOTS of new ski gear on offer from a ton of manufacturers at the demo.

EEWinterOR2015 7

Probably my favorite piece of gear from Winter OR this year! Expect a review soon on this cool little gadget called the Key Smart.

EEWinterOR2015 8

Zootility Tools has some cool new bladed pocket tools releasing soon.

EEWinterOR2015 9

Got to test out the Peak Designs Clutch & Capture Pro camera carrying systems for the second half of the show, and so far loving them! Expect a review on EE soon.

EEWinterOR2015 11

Big trend at the show was high quality beverage containers for the adventure life. Klean Kanteen does it right, especially with their insulated pint glasses in orange 🙂

EEWinterOR2015 12

Stanley got in on the adult beverage camping container program with a wide line of innovative drinking vessels.

EEWinterOR2015 13

If you love to cook with a dutch oven you’re going to want this versatile little tool BAD! Check out the Camp Maid.

EEWinterOR2015 14

Sea to Summit now has a full line of collapsible cooking & tableware on offer, and this 4 person cooking pot will join the impressive lineup soon.

EEWinterOR2015 15

Clif introduced some savory organic energy food, including a Pizza flavored product. I must admit that the flavor didn’t do it for me, but I have a weird pallet, so hopefully others will find this product to be the best thing ever invented to stay energized in the backcountry.

EEWinterOR2015 17

Probably the one item I’m most excited to test soon is the new Astral Hiyak kayak bootie. With a promising new rubber, light and small form factor and durable construction/materials, this looks to be the answer to my, jamming my huge feet in small kayaks, prayers.

EEWinterOR2015 18

Under Armour released a full line of FatTire shoes which feature an extremely cushioned sole with deep mtn bike tire-like tread.

EEWinterOR2015 19

Addidas Outdoors has a full new line of trail running shoes, many of which feature their Boost Foam cushioning, integrated gators and mtn bike tread sole from Continental.

EEWinterOR2015 20

Filson‘s new tool roll is really nice in all ways, with its classic style and durable materials, except maybe the price ($100).

EEWinterOR2015 21

Probably one of the best deals at the show this year is the new Carhartt Legacy Tool Roll at only $32.99 (BUY NOW for Less!).

EEWinterOR2015 23

Sea To Summit‘s new line of sleeping mats are super comfortable, pack small, lightweight, easy to inflate/deflate and can be super insulated (depending on the model).

EEWinterOR2015 24

Grivel‘s new TwinGate carabiner is cool take on the issue of traditional locking beaners failing by coming unscrewed.

EEWinterOR2015 25

The new Grivel Up And Down Ascender gets you up and down a climb with ease.

EEWinterOR2015 26

Filson introduced a full line of stylish “drybag” like zip duffels, only issue is that they feature a 2 way zipper which is not waterproof.

EEWinterOR2015 27

Cool booth vehicles always attract a lot of attention, like this AEV Jeep JK in the Popticals booth.

EEWinterOR2015 28

Rare oldschool Toyota FJ45-LV Land Curiser in the Hippy Tree booth.

EEWinterOR2015 29

The legend Chris Davenport gave a great talk about big mtn saftey and shared his stoke for adventure. Thanks to Clif, DeLorme, Black Diamond & others for hosting the talk.


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