EVENT: Western National Land Rover Rally 2015

EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 1

After a wet, muddy and cold weekend at Overland Expo East 2015 I high tailed it across the country to catch up with some friends, prep for The SEMA Show and attend the Western National Land Rover Rally in Sedona, AZ. The cross country trip was pretty eventful, with half a day on the side of the highway broke down and some huge storms. In the end though, I made it out to Arizona, and even snuck in some camping with friends before the event. The hot dry Arizona weather was a bit of a shock from the torrential rains and chilly temps in North Carolina!

EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 2I felt that a “Dawn of The Red” Ninkasi brew was fitting to share with friends overlooking the red rocks of Sedona, AZ as the sun set.
EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 3I was on assignment for Lucky 8 Offroad, as they were too busy at their NY shop to make the long trip west. I put together some fun video clips from the event’s happenings and got to hang out with a lot of really good people. It was awesome to see such a diverse variety of Land Rover vehicles and people come together with a common passion. I was only able to join in on the festivities for a long day, but I got to see a lot of the events, the HUGE raffle and hang out with a ton of quality people. I’ll let the photos below, and the video above, give you a glimpse into this fun event that every Land Rover enthusiast should attend.EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 4EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 5Soooo many cool Land Rovers of all types and configurations in attendance.EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 6The Challenge Day Events presented a lot of fun team building and off-road skills challenges.EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 7 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 8 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 9 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 10Attendees also got a chance to learn from experts like Bill Burke.
EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 11The Cajun food truck that came down from Flagstaff was quite good!EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 12Arizona offers up spectacular sunsets.EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 13Lucky 8 provided a number of items for the raffle vehicle and these awesome Terra Firma HID off-road lights. This was easily one of the most sought after prizes of the night.EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 14One of the largest auctions I’ve ever seen. I love the way it was set up, where you just put a, or many, ticket in for each of the items that you’re interested in.
EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 15The raffle truck was quite a well set up machine. It had all kinds of useful and bling parts.EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 16 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 17Land Rover fever was abundant!EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 18Huge turnout for the raffle night.EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 19 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 20Why not do a full engine rebuild at the event?EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 21Did you know that Land Rover require a lot of “maintenance” 😉EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 22Quite a few Defender, in all sizes, in attendance.
EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 23 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 24 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 25 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 26 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 27 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 28Disco’s, or Discovery, tend to get modified quite a bit, as the parts on them are worth much more than the vehicle themselves.EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 29 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 30 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 31 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 32 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 33 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 34 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 35This Camel Trophy Disco looked right at home in the AZ desert.EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 36Lots of LR3 and LR4, in all sorts of build styles, are popping up, as they are finally getting to be affordable and aftermarket parts are being offered.EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 37 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 38 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 39 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 40 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 41 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 42 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 43The lines of the Range Rover Classic are still iconic and classy.EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 44 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 45 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 46 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 47 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 48Beastly Range Rover!EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 49 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 50Yes there was a woman driving this Classic 🙂EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 51P38, why not!EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 52 EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 53Very few RR Sport in the off-road scene, but this G4 Challenge truck didn’t mind going out for a play in the mud.EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 54They even let a few non-LR vehicles come out and play, like this new 4Runner from Sierra Expeditions.
EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 55Adventure Driven‘s “Sexy Lexy” looking good in the AZ sunshine.
EEWesternNationalLandRoverRally 56I’d like to send a huge thanks out to all the organizers and participants for their amazing hospitality during the Western National Land Rover Rally 2015, even though I showed up in a huge Dodge based expedition camper. I think the cold Ninkasi craft beer from my fridge on that hot Arizona day helped my cause 😉

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