EVENT: WA Overland Rally 2013

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Ray Hyland, of Overland International, enjoying the event he organized with his wife Marianne.

June 27-30, 2013

WA Overland Rally 2013 was a blast! It was so fun to catch up with so many overlander’s from around the PNW and the world. This year Touratech also held their dual sport/adventure motorcycle rally at the same time, bringing in lots of 2 wheeled adventure travelers. It’s a great experience to share travel stories with fellow adventurers, learn overland skills from experts, get great deals on some of the best gear out there and explore the local trails. A huge thanks to the many sponsors, especially the title sponsor ExOfficio, and to Northwest Overland for organizing all the trail runs. These regional rallies are all about local people and environment. Plain, WA is a cute little mountain town a few miles up the road from Leavenworth, and great host to the event. This year the Rally finished with the Overland Rally Challenge, a fun little competition that had 3 individual challenges; navigate an obstacle course without spilling water from a cup on your hood, blindfold drive a Land Rover LR2 through a hay bale obstacle course with direction from your spotter and drive across a “log bridge” without falling off. The long weekend was a great way to get immersed with the local overland community and explore the local landscape. It is well worth your time to check out an Overland Rally near you.

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All overland travelers are welcome, whether you have an RV, 4×4 van or tricked out 4×4, at Overland Rallies.

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There was a solid turn out this year at the WA Overland Rally.

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The nightly campfire/swag raffle always draws a crowd.

WAOR13Post 5

Everyone loves free schwag!!!

WAOR13Post 6

WA Overland Rally tradition: “BURN IT!” Steve, MC extraordinaire from Mtn Khaki, burns raffle tickets that are called but not claimed.

WAOR13Post 7

Pablo uses the fire pits to cook up some grub.

WAOR13Post 8

Pablo and Anna, of Viajeros4x4x4, talk about 13 years on the road together.

WAOR13Post 9

It was a HOT summer weekend and most classes/seminars were held in the shade of this tarp setup at the center of camp.

WAOR13Post 10

Andy, from Warn, shows the proper way to pull a 10,000+lb van with an 8,000lb winch attached to a Suzuki Sidekick:)

WAOR13Post 11

It’s the little pointers that you learn and save in the back of your mind for later that really make classes at events like this worth while. Here Ray shows how to utilize a recovery strap to comfortably and easily carry a log.

WAOR13Post 12

I think this is brilliant! If you are worried about crossing a sketchy log bridge hang logs under your vehicle with recovery straps so that if a tire slips off the bridge you have something to catch you before the vehicle falls into the ravine. Thanks for the tip Ray Hyland!

WAOR13Post 13

Mountain Kahki offered up some smokin deals on their clothes at the Rally, and showed off the new Grand Cherokee from a local dealer.

WAOR13Post 14

Ben from Outback Proven rolled in from Vegas to show off all his sweet Australian made overland goodies.

WAOR13Post 15

Warn came up from Portland to show off the variety of products that they offer and their new Zeon winch.

WAOR13Post 16

Jason from PRG showed off all kinds of awesome adventure goodies, including these sweet Hilleberg tents.

WAOR13Post 17

The rally is for sure a family affair and rock crawler RC cars kept the kids and adults alike entertained.

WAOR13Post 18

High speed offroad RC car jumping at night was entertaining for all. Only when the battery was dead was the fun over:)

WAOR13Post 19

Touratech made sure that LOTS of motos showed up this year!

WAOR13Post 20

There were a HUGE variety of guided rides for the motos.

WAOR13Post 21

All types of moto classes were offered, including maintenance and repair.

WAOR13Post 22

The locals came out of the woodwork to see all the awesome, and brought more awesome! Shazam!!!

WAOR13Post 23

The moto skills course got a little more advanced in the evenings when a bunch of riders decided to jump their big dual sports.

WAOR13Post 24

Gaila, of Overland Now, enjoying a trail ride with the ladies in the woods of WA.

WAOR13Post 25

Trail runs are good fun, especially when you have a WIDE variety of vehicles.

WAOR13Post 26

The views in WA are spectacular.

WAOR13Post 27

The Raptor looks mean against the cloudy sky.

WAOR13Post 28

Very sweet Land Cruiser 60 Series high in the WA backcountry.

WAOR13Post 29

Fellow overlanders making sure the trail is “Sportsmobile Safe.” My kayaks and roof rack appreciate the hard work boys:)

WAOR13Post 30

Sarah Blessington enjoying some offroad Sportsmobile driving action.

WAOR13Post 31

The Cockroach tacking the Overland Rally Challenge, trying to keep the water in the little white cup on their front tire.

WAOR13Post 32

Log bridge challenge was way harder than it first looks. Big issue was that the logs rolled side to side!

WAOR13Post 33

Just my luck, the “log bridge” was EXACTLY the length between the Sportsmobile wheels. Still completed the challenge though:)

WAOR13Post 34

That’s right, the team Exploring Elements Sportsmobile won the timed driving course keeping the water in the cup challenge. Stoked!

WAOR13Post 35

Words of wisdom from Viajeros4x4x4.


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