EVENT: Vermont Overland Trophy 2013

For the FULL event details and best pictures check out my article on Motus:

VOT 2013: That Mud Tastes Like Maple Syrup!

VOT2013Team 2This was the inaugural Vermont Overland Trophy and I was asked by Alex of Columbia Overland to join his team to help with photography, social media, navigation and physical challenges. I drove up from Maryland in the Sportsmobile and ended up on the CO team as navigator in Zach’s white Land Rover Discovery. The other half of team CO was Drew and Church in another white Disco. After day 1 we also joined forces with the FJ cruiser team of Alain, his son Alexi, and Richard, as we found them to be fun guys and knowledgable offroaders with solid rigs that moved at a similar pace to ours. We really did have a blast in a ton of different conditions offroading all across the back roads of Vermont. Great friendships and unique experiences, like driving up flash flooding creek beds, are the lasting impressions that I’ll have from the 2013 VOT. Check out the pics below to get an idea of what it was like for Team CO to complete the event.

Also check out more great VOT event photos on FaceBook:

100 More Great Shots from VOT 2013

A huge shout out and thanks to Peter and his crew at Vermont Overland for putting on such a great event. If you get the chance be sure to experience the back roads of Vermont with this super knowledgable, experienced and fun group of people.

VOT2013Team 1Mandatory stop in NJ on the drive up for an awesome bagel sandwich.

VOT2013Team 3Drew cooking up an amazing meal on his Conqueror trailer setup.

VOT2013Team 4Yep, amazing fresh Wagyu steaks for dinner. Probably the best meal I’ve had on the road, ever!

 VOT2013Team 5Drew enjoying the finer things in life at camp.

VOT2013Team 6We did manage to polish off 2 bottles of Dom on night 1, on top of some beer and wine.VOT2013Team 7Zach pulling our starting time for the morning.

VOT2013Team 8 VOT2013Team 9Richard spots Alain through the first challenge obstacle of VOT. Team CO took the bypass on this one as the wait was long for an attempt.

VOT2013Team 10 VOT2013Team 11 VOT2013Team 12Alexi showing off some beadlock wheel carnage from day 1.

VOT2013Team 13I think the creek bed go around was a good idea;)

VOT2013Team 14 VOT2013Team 15Winches and Maxtrax were used at VOT.

VOT2013Team 16 VOT2013Team 17 VOT2013Team 18Camp on Night 1 on the road was atop the grassy knoll.

VOT2013Team 19 VOT2013Team 20 VOT2013Team 21A foggy starting line on Day 2 on the road.

VOT2013Team 22 VOT2013Team 23 VOT2013Team 24 VOT2013Team 25 VOT2013Team 26 VOT2013Team 27 VOT2013Team 28Zach takes a look for himself as he tackles one of the tougher challenge trails.

VOT2013Team 29 VOT2013Team 30 VOT2013Team 31 VOT2013Team 32 VOT2013Team 33

VOT2013Team 34Do not break the maple syrup lines!

VOT2013Team 35Alex and Zach enjoying a cold pint at Long Trail Brewing.

VOT2013Team 36Alain having some fun with his son Alexi in the cold stream behind Long Trail Brewing.

VOT2013Team 37Ready for an evening at camp. Zach approves.

VOT2013Team 38The “dry” creek bed challenge trail was flash flooding, but we still managed to drive the whole thing without using any recovery gear.

VOT2013Team 39 VOT2013Team 40 VOT2013Team 41One of the cruxes of the creek bed. The rock on the inside of the turn had some metal on it from other teams.

VOT2013Team 42The Jungle camp for night 2 on the road. Alain had to pull winch cable for the first time while in his camp site!

VOT2013Team 43Zach helping some teams navigate “mount rain more” camp after dark.

VOT2013Team 44The Barnard General store cooked up some quality breakfast!

VOT2013Team 45Dan from the 4×4 Podcast followed us on Day 3 on the road. His pup got lots of attention from the ladies.

VOT2013Team 46 VOT2013Team 47 VOT2013Team 48Zach’s truck got a sidewall puncture on day 3 on the trail. Muddy, but quick tire change.

VOT2013Team 49 VOT2013Team 50 VOT2013Team 51 VOT2013Team 52We might have borrowed a spare tire from this awesome family with a newborn and beautiful Defender 110.

VOT2013Team 53Team CO decided to winch and preserve vehicles on the day 3 mandatory challenge trail.

VOT2013Team 54 VOT2013Team 55Alain went the driving route and was even bold enough to try to do it without spilling a bucket of water on his hood. Drove it fine, but spilled the water.

VOT2013Team 56Richard used his signature right foot down tequnique to drive right through.

VOT2013Team 57I think Richard liked pulling a Jeep out of the mud with his FJ 😉

VOT2013Team 58The crux move being negotiated by Alain on the way back to camp on day 3. Way harder than it looks!

VOT2013Team 59Zach having some fun with his tire puncture.

VOT2013Team 60The scenic day 4 drive did have some obstacles. Here Drew got hung up on this rock ledge.

VOT2013Team 61We were the first team back to Lillie Brook Farms and the first team to tackle the final Challenge Course. After Zach busted a headlamp driving over this slick log on the steep hillside Church busted out the chain saw and made it way easier for everyone else.

VOT2013Team 62 VOT2013Team 63

For the FULL event details and best pictures check out my article on Motus:

VOT 2013: That Mud Tastes Like Maple Syrup!


Be sure to also check out more great VOT event photos on FaceBook:

100 More Great Shots from VOT 2013

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