EESIA2015 1

Denver offered up the gambit of weather, from sunny & warm to…

Each year the Snowsports Industries America (SIA) Snow Show descends on Denver, CO, and tons of new snowsports products for fall/winter of the following year, are shown to the media and retail buyers. Besides the work getting done at the show there is always a lively energy that is fueled by energy drinks, adult beverages and the stoke for snow. It’s always interesting to me to see, and hear, the youthful energy in the snowboard section of the show, which is in stark contrast to the much more “mature” ski area. Even with a lot of youth and extreme skiing oriented companies in the ski area there is just no comparison with the high energy, rambunctious, middle finger to the main stream, snowboard area vibe at the show. With that said, I think SIA is one of the most fun trade shows out there and everyone generally has a good time while handling their business. Have a look below at a bunch of the highlights from SIA 2015.

EESIA2015 2

…Snowy & really cold!

EESIA2015 3

Probably the most drool worth vehicle at the show was Ken Block’s Raptor Trax in the GoPro booth.

EESIA2015 4

The show kicked off with a little “Snow Sugar.”

EESIA2015 5

Some companies really do get it, and the Airstream showroom by Zeal Optics is the epitome of this.

EESIA2015 6

Tons of great graphics & art all across SIA, but Icelantic always raises the bar.

EESIA2015 8

We even got some fresh snow up on the mountains during the on snow demo at Copper Mtn. Was a chilly morning waking up to this, but the fresh tracks warmed us up quickly.

EESIA2015 9

There seemed to be a pretty consistent crowd of product testers at the on snow demo. LOTS of gear to try over the 2 day demo.

EESIA2015 10

I’m always impressed with the lineup of skis from Volkl. I rode the Katana VWerks again, & once again it tops my list of favorite one ski-quiver skis.

EESIA2015 11

Head introduced Graphene, a super strong & light material, in nearly their full line of skis this year. I was also impressed with the new super easy to tighten buckle design on their boots.

EESIA2015 12

SkiLogik skis are so beautiful it is hard to cover the graphics with bindings. This year they brought some AC/DC, Nature Conservancy & Jimmy Buffet sticks.

EESIA2015 13

Goode makes some impressive carbon skis, & now offer a full custom graphics package to personalize their carbon sticks.

EESIA2015 14

Ramp Sports now has licensed skis, snowboards & longboards with your favorite NFL, MLB or NCAA team graphics on them. Of course they had to highlight the Patriots & Seahawks, as the big game was the final day of SIA.

EESIA2015 15

Love the Vokle Katana VWerks. The only update to the ski this year is the graphics, but thats okay because I don’t know how you could improve them.

EESIA2015 16

Still one of the most fun, do everything skis on the mountain are the Rossignal Soul7. Yes they are way hyped up, but honestly completely live up to the hype.

EESIA2015 17

How do you get into the backcountry? Surface Skis gets there sometimes on a fatbike. Check out their #Pedal2Pow project.

EESIA2015 18

Sometimes you need to get way out there in the winter on a big hunt, & Surface Skis has teamed up with Kuiu hunting packs to design the package that will get you out there with ease.

EESIA2015 19

Is it a snowboard or skis? Very cool new product from RodinSplit.com that lets you decide on the fly. The custom binding system is pretty impressive, allowing you to use your snowboard boots in either ski or snowboard mode.

EESIA2015 20

Voile is bringing backcountry ski tech to their splitboard line. Now you can go up hill without always having to break out the skins, just don’t try riding switch when going downhill.

EESIA2015 21

Jones Snowboards has the gear you need to snowsurf, no matter your flavor. Checkout the Mountain Surfer & the new Storm Chaser. They both look extremely fun!

EESIA2015 22

DC Snowboads new hot viking zombie graphics on the Torstein Horgmo signature boards.

EESIA2015 23

Love the photography graphics, by Daniel Tengs, on the Team Series Exposure Nitro Snowboards.

EESIA2015 24

The new Nitro Pantera SC snowboard is one of the most fun boards I’ve ever ridden. Extremely responsive and stiff. You can carve trenches with this board!

EESIA2015 25

The new Kingpin 13 backcountry ski binding from Marker is ready to charge hard in & out of bounds.

EESIA2015 26

The Apex Ski Boot might look a bit crazy, but its super comfortable and performs pretty well. It is basically a snowboard booth with more forward lean that is then strapped into a plastic exoskeleton cage which makes it into a ski boot.

EESIA2015 27

The new Scott SuperGuide Carbon backcountry boot is crazy light, feature rich and features a GoreTex liner, which wicks the moisture away from your feet and keeps it away.

EESIA2015 28

“It’s All About Travis Rice” at Quicksilver & DC Shoes. His signature snowboard boot is ready for the most demanding winter adventures and his signature winter boot is burly, stylish & feature rich, like a zipper down the side for quick entry & exit.

EESIA2015 29

Sarah was looking good in Jeremy Jones new signature series backcountry sunglasses from POC.

EESIA2015 30

Revo has stepped back into the snow sports goggles market with a full line of polarized & photo chromatic goggles that exude style & function.

EESIA2015 31

The new Gravity goggle from Bolle incorporates the awesome modulator light control lenses, which are photo chromatic, polarized & optically correct.

EESIA2015 32

A few new Prizm tech lens & a smaller framed Flight Deck goggle are on offer from Oakley for 2015.

EESIA2015 33

Electric has a full line of badass goggles, packs & helmets for your next snow sports adventure. The new pack & luggage line is super burly and feature rich. Really dig the style of all their new pieces.

EESIA2015 34

While better known for their ww kayak helmets in the North American market, Sweet Protection has been doing snowsports for a LONG time in Europe. The snow side of the product range is finally available on this side of the pond and the new Grimner TE carbon fiber helmet, with removable action camera mount points, will not disappoint.

EESIA2015 35

The new Salomon Mtn Lab snowsports helmet is only 300g, alpine & mountaineering safety certified, $200 & features EPS 4D construction. Quite the package of awesome!

EESIA2015 36

Inside look at the Mtn Lab helmet.

EESIA2015 37

Giro‘s new Conform Fit helmets still come in a variety of sizes, but the shell actually contracts & expands to dial in a perfect fit for your head.

EESIA2015 38

Komperdell‘s new Stiletto pole is one of the coolest new products at the show. There is a thumb activated button on the top of the grip that allows the pole to be length adjusted on the fly, a SUPER handy feature in the backcountry!

EESIA2015 39

Leki‘s Trigger S system removes the wrist strap and makes the glove to pole interface easy, convenient, secure & super safe, as it will release with about 30 lbs of pressure.

EESIA2015 40

Leki also introduced the new Speed Lock 2, which is 1/3 smaller, 25% lighter & has 20% more holding power.

EESIA2015 41

Tribal Snow Tools has created a SUP like paddle, named the Skull, designed to help you surf powder on your snowboard.

EESIA2015 42

Tribal Snow Tools also showed off this very cool new backcountry kicker kit.

EESIA2015 43

One of the most talked about pieces of gear at the show was probably Fischer‘s new ProFoil backcountry skiing skins, which are waterproof, offer faster glide and allow for a longer stride.

EESIA2015 44

The new Dakine women’s Tundra Mitt is a smokin deal at only $120, as it features Primaloft insulation for warmth & GoreTex to keep you dry.

EESIA2015 45

The new Cndy Grind Doublebag Mitten has a cool pass through zipper design to keep your dexterity without having to take your mittens off.

EESIA2015 46

The new Voormi Access Hydro hoodie has a single layer water resistant construction, combining a wicking interior & a DWR coating on the outside. Pretty awesome knitting tech!

EESIA2015 47

I’m in love with the new Smartwool men’s Propulsion 60 jacket in bright orange, wool insulation, raglan shoulders & great breathability.

EESIA2015 48

Pretty ingenious avalanche beacon pants pocket harness system from Black Diamond & PIEPS. Is the traditional beacon harness obsolete?

EESIA2015 49

The Grilled 2 wheeler allows you to shred year round. I know I could hurt myself on one of these, but I’m sure I’d have a blast doing it!

EESIA2015 50

Full custom inserts & colors on the all aluminum Zarges cases. These durable high quality cases are ready for any adventure you can throw at them!

EESIA2015 51

Leatherman makes multitools in all shapes & styles, and now makes bracelet & watch style tools. Check out the new Tread bracelet ($150 silver/$200 black, May 1 release, 25 tools) & the Tread QM1 Watch ($500 silver/$600 black, Q3 release, 21 tools).

EESIA2015 52

The new Dog Tag Folder by Spyderco ($125) is the company’s first chisel grind blade & has a titanium back plate. Pretty cool EDC item.

EESIA2015 53

The sexy Rubicon ($500) by Spyderco is a carbon & titanium flipper style knife that is ready for any adventure you can throw at it.

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