EVENT: The Overland Lady Life from Winter OR 2015

Winter OR 2015 TOP 10: Gear For The Overland Lady Life

By: Sarah Blessington

I am always on the look out for those certain things that will make living in a truck easy, functional, and well, more “attractive”. So, you can imagine that my first time at the Winter Outdoor Retailer (OR) trade show was nothing short of a ‘I NEED EVERYTHING THAT YOU ARE SELLING’ kind of window shopping experience, with a few raised eyebrow occurrences thrown in because, yes, a little bit of everything shows up at OR. Hopefully my Top 10 list will save you the over stimulating shoppers’ anxiety, and give you a few products to look forward to in the coming year.

EEOverlandLadylifeWinterOR2015 11. Puffy Blanket from Rumpl

This awesome packable travel blanket makes you feel right at home in the outdoors. It is machine washable, has a 300 gsm 3D new weave synthetic down fill, and a 20D nylon shell. For those with furry friends, a quick shake will rid your blanket of dog hair when it’s time to curl up. This blanket can be a great addition to the compact bed systems of the car camping world, as it even comes with a stuff sack.

Available now for $199 (Queen Size)

EEOverlandLadylifeWinterOR2015 2 EEOverlandLadylifeWinterOR2015 32. Feminine pouches from MaskIT

MaskIT offers two sizes of compostable, odor blocking pouches made to wrap up feminine products. Keep your hands clean and furry critters away, while in the outdoors, or at home. The pouches are a great product to be introduced into the Overland world, as Ziploc bags are not exactly environmentally friendly, are bulky, and well, are still clear. Also, the small cardboard boxes they come in are easy to tuck away for quick access.

Available now. Standard Box – $5.00, Travel Pack – $1.50

EEOverlandLadylifeWinterOR2015 43. X set 31 from Sea to Summit

Sea to Summit has developed an extra compact, collapsible travel pot set that is actually user friendly. By having the collapsible silicon walls with an aluminum base for the pot, they are able to give you more volume, with sloped access, without sacrificing valuable space in your pack or cooking capability. This means that you can actually see what you’re cooking, and that you can still use your regular eating utensils to reach the bottom. Add the two collapsible bowls, and two collapsible cups, and the X set 31 becomes the perfect compact cooking set for two.

Available later this year.

EEOverlandLadylifeWinterOR2015 5 EEOverlandLadylifeWinterOR2015 8 EEOverlandLadylifeWinterOR2015 7 EEOverlandLadylifeWinterOR2015 64. Commuter Java Press from GSI

GSI will now be offering a stainless steel version of their travel French press. The new advancement here is that the inner press cup will interlock with the outer insulated cup, creating spill proof coffee delight. I look forward to testing this badboy on the trail.

Available later this year for $32.95

EEOverlandLadylifeWinterOR2015 9 EEOverlandLadylifeWinterOR2015 105. Loyak from Astral

Astral has made a low-volume water shoe that is not only cute, but also ridiculously functional. The Loyak has a super sticky and non-marking rubber sole, air mesh upper, toe and heel drainage and a removable cushy mid-sole to give you the extra space when you need it, in order to fit drysuit socks or fleece socks. This shoe works great in a kayak, on a SUP or for just kicking around on your next adventure. They travel well due to their super small pack size and light weight.

Available later this year for $79.95

EEOverlandLadylifeWinterOR2015 11 EEOverlandLadylifeWinterOR2015 12 EEOverlandLadylifeWinterOR2015 13 EEOverlandLadylifeWinterOR2015 14EEOverlandLadylifeWinterOR2015 156. 364 3-1 Jacket from Craghoppers

Craghoppers has designed a functional, yet ridiculously cute 3-1 jacket. To start, the outer layer is wind and waterproof, while still being breathable. The inner layer that comes with the jacket is a compressible lightweight insulation. What also makes this jacket exciting is that Craighoppers also sells another insulation layer that is a bit shorter length, and a fleece jacket that are both compatible with the outer shell. As far as compact living goes, having clothes with multiple functions is a major plus.

Available later this year for $250.

EEOverlandLadylifeWinterOR2015 167. Women’s Sport Mesh Underwear from Exofficio

While Exofficio has long been known for their amazing underwear for men, they are now stepping up their game with their women’s sports mesh undies. They come in three non-granny panty styles to keep your active butt looking cute and feeling fresh on your travels. Breathable, fast-drying underwear? Yeah, that’s an Overland no-brainer.

Available later this year.

EEOverlandLadylifeWinterOR2015 17 EEOverlandLadylifeWinterOR2015 188. Hippy Soap from Joshua Tree Skin Care

Joshua Tree is now stepping into the environmentally savvy soap world. Hippy Soap will cleanse your scalp, dishes and clothes with one bottle. Biodegradable and plant based makes this soap a great addition to any traveler’s kit.

Available online 2/2/15 for $12.00.

EEOverlandLadylifeWinterOR2015 199. New Silicone glasses from Snow Peak

Snow Peak will keep you classy and glass free with their new silicone glasses. These swanky new cups will keep you guessing, as they are clear as glass, and almost as smooth.

Available later this year.

EEOverlandLadylifeWinterOR2015 2010. Akeleie Base Layers from Bergans

Bergans you say? Oh yes, Bergans will now be distributing directly to the US, and you will finally be able to get your hands on some Akeleie base layers! This two-layer, 220-gram Merino wool/Polyester blend gives enough space to hold in air for insulation, while maintaining a high-wicking performance for more versatility at different activity levels. While a lot of their garments can come in at a high price point, as you often see with high quality brands, these items offer great bang for the buck.

Available later this year, $65 for tops, $75 for half zips, $59 for tights, and $29 for female boxers.

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