EVENT: Overland Expo East 2015

EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 1Overland Expo East 2015 was a muddy wet affair, but it was also an incredible gathering of the overland tribe, where many stories were shared and friends made. The second annual event, held at Taylor Ranch just outside Asheville, NC, was full of hearty souls who didn’t let a “little” rain and mud get in the way of having fun, learning and sharing, all in preparation for the next adventure, wherever it might take them. Due to steep and deep muddy fields, better known as parking areas, many day pass attendees couldn’t join in on the fun, as there was just no where for them to park at the event. Those that found other ways, like taxis or hiking in from a nearby school parking lot, were rewarded with quality time with industry vendors, in-depth roundtable discussions, expert instructional classes and lots of great tales from the road less traveled. Those that got to the event early, camped out for the weekend and purchased experience passes got a weekend full of action and a lot of personal attention, as some of the crowds just couldn’t access the site. The biggest loss for the event this year, due to the weather, was the extremely low attendance by the motorcycle crowd, and justifiably so as some nearby roads were hazardous to travel and ground tents in this much mud isn’t a whole lot of fun. Check out the photos below for a deeper look into the weekend of adventure and also be sure to check out the Off-Road Adventuremobile and Overland Gear reports from the event.
EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 2Vendor area looking off across the pond towards the general camping area.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 3All the classes and seminars were generally located around the end of the pond.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 4Event organizer Roseanne Hanson took the weather in stride and even opened the event by coming out in a mask, snorkel and flippers. Good fun was had by all, and the organizers did a great job dealing with all that mother nature threw at them.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 5Just like Overland Expo West this year, there wasn’t a whole lot of dust to worry about 😉EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 6BFG‘s tire test driving course put the new AT KO2s to the muddy test.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 7Always a top attraction at Overland Expo is the Camel Trophy skills area, where you can learn from the very best in the off-road adventure world.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 8 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 9Luminaries in the overland world, like Ted Simon, are common sites around Overland Expo.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 10Even getting to the Land Rover off-road demo area was a challenge, but the experts at Land Rover kept the driving expereince open for a large majority of the weekend. It was impressive how well the stock Land Rovers, on stock street tires at hwy pressures, did in the deep muddy quagmire.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 11The Land Rover Experience driving course was a bit beat up by the rain!EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 12EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 13 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 14Most classes were very well attended, even if participants had to stand out in the rain.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 15 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 16Indoor classes drew huge crowds.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 17The nightly happy hours were a great opportunity to dry out and share knowledge and stories from the day.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 18You can always count on food to bring people together.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 19The general camping area was a spread out affair with campers searching for the elusive high and flat spots around Taylor Ranch.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 20Once camp was set, it was key not to move your vehicle, as the ruts just got deeper all weekend.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 21Shelter was vital to an enjoyable camping experience this weekend.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 22 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 23I feel bad for the ice cream vendor, who was open most of the weekend, as it was a bit chilly and wet to really crave a cold ice cream cone.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 24Coffee is taken serious by many in the overland tribe. Here Mario, from AT Overland Equipment, roasts his own Ethiopian beans to make that perfect morning brew.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 25 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 26 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 27 EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 28The overland industry media were out in full force this year. Overland International showed up with a full booth and the North America Hema Map Patrol Land Cruiser.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 29Snow Peak tarps kept the Overland International crew dry.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 30Benjy, Cornwall to Capehorn, enjoying some time with a four legged friend.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 31OutdoorX4 Magazine had a great setup with a nice ARB awning/shelter off their 100 Series project truck and a well appointed Trutleback Trailer in tow.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 32The American Adventurist crew were well represented and now offer overland gatherings on both sides of the country.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 33A tradition at Overland Expo is the Sunday morning walkabout breakfast, where vendors cook up some grub for attendees. 7P International got my attention with this sign, BACON!EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 34Mmmmm, bacon sandwich 🙂
EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 35The Sunday BBQ topped off a great weekend with the overland tribe. The sun even made an appearance for those that stayed till the bitter end.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 36A few hearty moto adventurers did make the trip, but far fewer than usual.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 37My Maxtrax came in VERY handy to help get some of the vehicles out of the general parking area.EEOverlandExpoEast2015Event 38The luge that was the exit from the main parking area.

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