EVENT: Overland Expo 2013 Wrap Up


Lots of preparation went into everything at Expo. The Camel Trophy crew showing just how tough it can be to build a floating bridge from logs and oil drums.

Overland Expo 2013 was another HUGE gathering of overlanders and the overland industry at Mormon Lake, AZ. The event happens each year in May and seems to be growing with more participants, more vendors and more classes every year. The information available to you at this event is really quite astounding. I know that I walk away every year with all kinds of ideas on what overland vehicle to build, or not to build, as well as all kinds of tid bits to make travel that much more enjoyable. It’s really the people you get to interact with at Expo that leave the lasting impression and inspiration to get out there and explore. Hopefully from the photos below you can get a feel for what the event is all about. Be sure to also check out the following links for all the vehicle awesome from the event: VANS, LAND ROVER, TOYOTA, JEEP, BIG RIGSOTHER COOL RIGSMOTOS and don’t miss all the HOT new products showcased at Expo this year either: TOP 10 (and more) HOT NEW PRODUCTS.


A little pre Expo bridge testing went pretty well, but revealed some areas that needed adjustment.


All of the amazing volunteers gathered the night before Expo to go over details and make sure that it was going to be another amazing show.


The opening ceremonies kicked off with Johnathan & Roseann Hanson, the Expo founders, and Graham Jackson, the programs director.


Big crowds attended the opening ceremony this year.


The many vendors, exhibitors and featured vehicles made for an amazing display. Here Matthew Scott, of Expedition Portal, sets up the Overland Journal booth with his signature “style.”


Many overlanders really know how to create gourmet meals. When you design your rig with a built-in espresso machine it is only natural to roast your own coffee beans as well;)


There were lots of interesting featured vehicles this year, but the Mogs for sure took center stage and literally towered over the rest.


A tradition at Expo is the sharing of patches. Triple Aught Design did it right again this year with this limited edition Expo patch.


Many classes and seminars were held indoors and allowed presenters to share photos, videos and slides to help convey their message.


The round table pavilion, sponsored by Land Rover Las Vegas, had some big crowds and interesting discussions through out Expo.


Talks, classes and seminars really ran the gambit of all things overland. This was a great presentation on converting old ambulances for overland travel.


Food is important to the overlander and Expo didn’t disappoint by having many cooking and meal preparation classes. Living Overland offered up some great tips on how to create gourmet meals in the field.


The Muskoka Foundation offers up ways for travelers to “Do Good As You Go.” This group from the Maya Rally made an impact during their project in Irapuato and got to share the experience with other travelers at Expo. Read about the project HERE.


The Maya Rally was an amazing overland experience that was shared with others at Expo. Keep an eye on Expedition Portal for the sequel coming in 2014!


There are lots of hands on demonstrations at Expo. In this one the crew from Lucky 8 demonstrates what to do when you flood your engine with water.


The advanced driving and recovery area was impressive this year!


Proper communication between spotter and driver is crucial when navigating tough obstacles.


Even the big Sportsmobile were able to tackle the advanced driving area. These are offroad capable vans!


Going into the hole the red van is driving straight out of in the last shot. I love vans offroading:)


LOTS of quality content at Expo for the Moto crowd as well.


Great parties happen every night at Expo. Here Sarah Blessington enjoys some tempura veggies from the American Adventurist crew and Snow Peak.


Some parties are HUGE! Equipt threw a bash this year.


The up-yers bar at Equipt was rocking. Thanks for the brews Paul May.


The Expo finishes off every year at the BBQ on Sunday afternoon. There was a big line for some good food this year.


Expo is all about the people. It was great to catch up with the guys from Warn and X Overland this year. Hopefully we’ll see all of Warn’s quality products in the vendor area next year:)


Not only is Expo about the people overlanding is about the people. It was awesome to catch up with many of the friends made during the Maya Rally.


“You don’t travel to see different things. You travel to see things differently.” Wise words on the side of Benjy’s D110. Check out his expedition at Cornwall to Capehorn.

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