EVENT: Overland Expo 2012

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Overland Expo is a 3 day gathering of the overland tribe in Arizona each year. This year the event was held at Mormon Lake Lodge, just SE of Flagstaff. Everyone at this event has a passion for vehicle based adventure that involves “camping” of some form. Most in attendance camped on site for the entire event. The following gives you a taste of the main happenings at the Expo. It was such a massive event, with such cool things to share, that I’ve broken it down into the following parts:




Vans (with fun event video)

Opening Ceremonies Friday Morning

Many vendors brought cool new products for the US market.

Friday night Happy Hour. Good beer, great people and a changed venue to get out of the wind.

A VERY full campground.

Camping was so full the day pass parking area turned into a campground as well.

AEV’s 10×20 pop-up took flight with a crazy dust devil and hit one guy and put some holes in a slide in camper. No major injuries though. I actually had to run and dive under a truck in order not to be hit, as it landed less than 5′ from me.

Married at OEX and now off on a big adventure.

Overland Gourmet cooked up some quality food for the “End of the World” party at the Equipe booth Saturday night.

LR brought out all the toys for the offroad driving course.

The EE Sportsmobile out playing with all the “little” Land Rovers;) (Photo: David Croyle)

Jim, the LR instructor, was a little nervous on this one. The EE Sportsmobile handled it with no problems. (Photo: David Croyle)

Parade lap of the offroad driving course with the Big rigs.

Watching 6 wheels articulate is very cool!

Yes the drive line is on the ground, but some right pedal fixed that.

Disconnected sway bars allow for a ton of front axle articulation.

This guy enjoys his big truck. Beware cyclist!

I love the disclaimer;)

How the Pros keep moving class at the Camel Trophy Skills Area.

This is one way to get access to work on the underside of your Rover.

Winching class.

Log bridge built in the Camel Trophy Skills area.

Helping build the pontoon was fun, educational and a ton of work.

Getting the pontoon into the water took a small army. The hard ground was catching on the edge of every barrel.


The Expeditons 7 crew helped teach a lot of classes at OEX and set off on their adventure from the Expo.

Full solar eclipse during the Sunday night BBQ to finish off OEX 2012.

Great signed Camel Trophy picture to be auctioned off for charity.

Hopefully you’ve gotten a feel for this truly amazing event through these posts and maybe you’ll join the tribe for next year’s event, same place similar time. A huge thanks goes out to the Hanson’s for putting together such a memorable event.

We survived the Mojave Rd. and enjoyed one amazing OEX. I’m ready to do it all over again:)

-Check out Overland Expo’s official YouTube Channel HERE. Worth a look!

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