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Expanded Photo Gallery HERE on FB

There where really a plethora of vendors at the Overland Expo that ranged from small tools to check your engine belt wear all the way up to $400,000 massive overland vehicles. If you couldn’t find something in the vendor area to drool over, make that lots of somethings, than you really did come to the wrong place! I think I got photos of almost every vendor at the Expo, so sorry if you got left out. The following is the stuff that I really found to be cool, but be sure to check out the full photo gallery HERE on FB for coverage on almost every vendor at the Expo:

Sportsmobile brought out the new Fuso based Sportsmobile that is designed to fit in a shipping container and comes complete with a porch. Cool concept, but I still really like the looks and pass through design of the Vans, which they brought a number of as well, FULLY rigged out. (Collapsed View)

Aluminess had a great display, complete with bars made out of bumpers, in the Sportsmobile area. These guys make high quality bumpers specifically for the van market and have a close relationship with Sportsmobile. They also make ladders and roof racks as well.

XP Camper:  Seriously one of the coolest products at the show. The marine grade systems and construction really make this flatbed camper unit stand out. The most exciting for me is the partnership with U-Joint Offroad to build a Van based XP Camper vehicle dubbed the V4, which should debut at SEMA this year.

Expedition Overland:  Great group of guys having offroad adventures by truck, trailer and bike while capturing it all on film for online episodes, hopefully soon coming to a TV near you.

Overland Journal:  THE publication for overlanders. They are also a major sponsor of the E7 Expedition that departed from the Expo. This is going to be a great adventure to follow!

Maya Rally 2012:  An overland adventure in rally form with challenges and extreme terrain through Mexico. Sounds like tons of fun! I think a Sportsmobile needs to make it to this Rally;)

Trek Pak:  Very cool new gear divider product that works well in both backpacks and hard cases. Adaptable concept to almost any camera transport solution will make this product a success.

Earth Cruiser:  This was the first appearance of the Earth Cruiser on American soil, as these rigs are built-in Australia. Super nice Fuso based rigs that are capable of being shipped in a standard shipping container. A left hand drive model will soon be available for North American customers. This rig has a cab to camper pass through that separates it from most other Fuso based rigs. (Interior Photos: Front, Back)

Global Xpedition Vehicles:  BIG trucks of many forms that are designed to tackle any terrain. Worth a look if you want a home that will go anywhere in the world.

Earth Roamer:  Ford F550 and F650 based offroad capable RV’s that are built to a super high quality. All the systems and fittings are almost aircraft quality. The inside has a massive living area! If cash wasn’t an issue this thing would make a great on road home.

Tiger Adventure Vehicles:  These guys build full-sized truck based RV’s that can go anywhere. The key feature for me is the pass through from the cab to the camper, allowing you to never have to leave the vehicle. These rigs where very high on my consideration list before I settled on the Sportsmobile.

Local Motors:  These guys brought a partially build Rally Fighter and a customer car. VERY cool open source designed vehicles. Be sure to check out the other amazing designs that the LM community is developing on their website.

American Expedition Vehicles:  AEV makes some of the baddest Jeep based rigs on the planet. You want a 4 door Jeep pickup with a Hemi, no problem!

URSA Minor Vehicles:  Very cool pop-up tent systems for the Jeep and Element. Full access to the tent from inside the vehicle.

Adrenalin Campers:  Cool Aussy built offroad trailer system that expands into the Taj Mahal of tents. (Expanded View)

Nemo Equipment:  These guys just make really innovative camping gear. The tent system on the Jeep is quite trick and was built-in association with AT Overland. Cam, the owner of Nemo, is a super solid guy and quite an adventurer. I met him and was introduced to the product way back in ’04 at the Deerfield River Festival.

Remote Medical:  Very well thought out field medical kit. It really has everything in a very compact and organized system. I want one!

Max Trax: This is really an essential tool when traveling in sandy or muddy terrain. They are light and strong and can replace the heavy metal sand ladders of the past. These things helped me recover the EE Sportsmobile from frame deep sand in the Mojave River Basin on the way to this year’s Expo.

Triple Aught Design: TAD is a cool company that makes super high quality packs, clothes and knives for the adventure community. Their stuff isn’t cheap, but it is built to a whole nother level of quality.

Factor 55:  These guys make a winch attachment that replaces the hook, typically used with chain, to allow the safe use of a shackle with today’s modern synthetic recovery lines and straps.

Overlanders Handbook:  Chris Scott wrote this great book that outlines the many challenges, skills, resources and required planning to create an amazing overlanding experience for yourself. If you need a gift for your favorite overlander this just might be the ticket!

No Limit X:  Fly into Central America and experience the offroad adventure of your dreams in a LR Defender 110! The owners seem super knowledgable and have a ton of experience. I want to go!!!!!!!!

Overland Gourmet: These guys are just good people! Besides making amazing food at camp they also supply a ton of really quality products to the Overland community. Desert Rendezvous represent:)

Front Runner Outfitters makes these sweet little collapsible chairs that retail for about $50. Very similar to the Pico chair, but seem really strong and a great value.


I’m surprised by how many deals that weren’t being slung. A 10% disc seemed to be relatively common, but full retail was the name of the game at most booths. Coming from the outdoor industry it was interesting to see product hold value at an event like this. It seemed that most vendors where much more interested in marketing their brand than moving product at the Expo, although there where some exceptions.

Not displaying but in attendance:

Product Research Gear: Jason at PRG tests and develops cool products for Sportsmobiles. He is a smoke jumper and field tests gear in extreme environments. Get some great products at great deals directly through Jason.

So Cal Sports Vans: Mike at SCSV builds custom bumpers, ladders, rock sliders and roof racks for the offroad market, specializing in vans. Very new home run shop, but he knows how to make some really trick stuff. I’m looking into some custom stuff for the EE Sportsmobile from Mike very soon:)

Couch Off Road Engineering:  These guys specialize in Mogs and are starting to build the ultimate overland vehicle called the Landark, a 6×6 Mog based bug-out-vehicle that will take at least 14 months to fab and cost over $800,000. The Mog above was brought to the Expo by Jay Couch, the owner, and is quite a trick rig. He said it could do 80 on the highway with the custom gearing!


Stoked to see all the really fancy Overlanding toys! Can’t wait to rig out my van a bit more for full offroad overland travel. Please do support the companies that support this community. They are super nice people who truly have a passion for, are dedicated to and live the Overlanding lifestyle.

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