EVENT: CKS Paddlefest 2014

CKS Paddlefest 2014

BVPaddlefest2014 1

The mural on the side of the Eddyline Brewery restaurant in South Main fully embodies the spirit of this community.

This year my Colorado WW tour was short, but man was it a good time! Got to catch up with a ton of good friends that I hadn’t seen in ages and get in a few days of paddling on the cold Colorado Rivers. The only event I managed to attend this year, with my crazy northern travel plans and building the EEXP, was the CKS Paddlefest in Buena Vista, CO. A fun event run by the local kayak shop CKS, but with the whole town of BV and South Main fully behind it.

BVPaddlefest2014 2

A view down to the main competition rodeo hole on the Arkansas River.

BVPaddlefest2014 3

Demshitz leader Dave Fusilli rocking the mic during the rodeo finals.

BVPaddlefest2014 4

The ladies threw down in the sunshine with big smiles.

BVPaddlefest2014 5

Clay Wright showing how its done starting off his ride with a big entry wing over maneuver.

BVPaddlefest2014 6

Few people smile as much on the river as the man the myth the legend Clay Wright!

BVPaddlefest2014 7

Leif Anderson rocks a huge mullet harder than anyone I’ve ever met, and loves to color coordinate all his paddling gear.

BVPaddlefest2014 8

The Euro crew came over this year and went BIG!

BVPaddlefest2014 9

Mathew Dumolin threw down one the biggest textbook rides I’ve ever witnessed in his final mens final ride. HUGE score!

BVPaddlefest2014 10

Mathew stoked on his finals ride.

BVPaddlefest2014 11

Big scores take time to add up on the judges score sheets.

BVPaddlefest2014 12

Dane Jackson was the only person that could best Mathew’s ride, and he entered the hole with authority.

BVPaddlefest2014 13

In the end Dane edged out the win by a crazy slim margin that was at least quadruple checked by head judge Stephen Wright.

BVPaddlefest2014 14

You MUST stop in at Deerhammer Distillery if you ever pass through BV. Their cocktails are second to none and a few bottles for the road wouldn’t hurt either.

BVPaddlefest2014 15

Live music each night along the river and back in town kept the party raging early into each morning.

BVPaddlefest2014 16

Get the pizza!

BVPaddlefest2014 17

Old roller rink that is now the CKS mother store in downtown BV.

BVPaddlefest2014 18

LOTS of new and used river craft for sale at Paddlefest.

BVPaddlefest2014 19

Many companies showed up with all kinds of fun demos to take out on the river.

BVPaddlefest2014 20

Badfish even hooked me up with a MVP River SUP board to shred some river waves with. Good times!

BVPaddlefest2014 21

You could even demo flatwater stuff on the town pond.

BVPaddlefest2014 22

I had fun on the small pump track along the river.

BVPaddlefest2014 23

Does it get any more ww kayaker than a PBR tent along the river with snowy CO peaks in the background?

BVPaddlefest2014 24

Lots of cool adventuremobiles come to these events. This is how I discovered ‘overlanding,’ by living in my vehicle to get to far away rivers.

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