EVENT: CKS Paddle Fest ’12

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First stop in BV should always be to say hi to Len at Deerhammer Distilling and enjoy a fine cocktail.

This is my first Paddle Fest. I’ve been to almost every other CO river festival, but somehow timing never worked out for the Paddle Fest in Buena Vista, CO. I love this little town and it seems to grow up in great ways every time I visit. The South Main project along the river is truly an adventure sports mecca. They have bouldering areas, a bike pump track, skate park, great mtn. bike trails and some amazing ww play features in the river. In downtown BV you must start the day at the BV Roastery for some fresh eats and fast internet and end the day with some whiskey cocktails at Deerhammer distiling.

The highlight for the kayakers at this event, besides the killer deals at CKS, is the BV Rodeo put together by Dustin and Katie Urban. There where a ton of competitors for such a LOW water event. On a normal day the play feature was something that would be passed by on the river with no attention paid. Somehow everyone worked hard and were able to throw some really impressive moves. Dane Jackson pulled it together in the final ride of the competition with a massive 1280 point ride to take a convincing win. The men’s final was heated as placings changed every round. The new LL carbon playboat did well in this little spot with Adriene Levkencht winning pro women and Jordan Poffenburger winning both C-1 and K-1 junior.

I am very rusty as a Freestyle kayaker, as there is little and very sporadic play in the northwest. In the end I entered the Open rodeo, as I love to compete:) I borrowed a new M Jedi (thanks Pyranha!) and managed to put together some spins, cartwheels, splitwheels and sometimes a loop in the small feature. At the end of my final ride I threw a loop and the backband in the boat rotated under my ass, which made it nearly impossible to roll. After many attempts I managed to pull the skirt just before washing over the next class II boney rapid. I think this was the second time I’ve ever swam from a playboat! I drank my bootie beer to appease the river gods and ended up in 4th place of the 20 open men competitors.

Great parties, amazing people, very well run on water events and some fun river SUP demos highlighted the ’12 CKS Paddle Fest for me. I look forward to making it out to this event again in the future, and bringing some more freestyle skills;)

See you on the water,

Bryon Dorr

Jason Craig had tons of energy and went big on every move. Truly amazing for a kid that got screws out of his shattered back and pelvis only a month earlier!

Matthew Doumolin from France was super smooth a fluid moving from move to move.

Dane Jackson getting pumped for finals. Tunes and Red Bull got the job done.

Dustin Urban showing how its done at his home spot.

Stephen Wright doesn't know how to go small!

Nick and Matthew putting on a show for the big crowds.

Lauren interviewed each athlete, in this case Ardriene, after each finals ride.

Men's Pro Winners: Dane, Matthew & Dustin

Clair O'Hara always lovin' life:)

Jordan Poffenburger can also throw down with 2 blades, even though he is usually a ripping C-1er.

Dane Jackson showing that he can throw down with the best of them in a C-1.

Weekend DJ and Men's Open winner Alex Telthorst claiming his prize from organizer Dustin Urban.

I tried the new M Jedi for the comp and really liked the boat overall. I managed a 4th in Men's Open, but did swim when the backband went under my bottom when throwing a loop. Not my favorite outfitting! (Photo: Natalie Anderson)

This is the score sheet for the rodeo. Complex, but getting more refined all the time.

Head judge Stephen Wright always with a big smile:)

Lots of SUP demos and mini clinics. I had a blast on the Badfish boards surfing my first river wave. (Photo: Mike T)

The SUP cross/attainment race was good fun for all the spectators.

Red Bull was out in force at Paddle Fest. This is a sweet rig!

Rodeo Results:

Junior Women:

Lauren Burress

Rowan Stuart

Sage Donnelly

Junior Men:

Jordan Poffenberger

Max Karissa

Evan Schehrer


Jordan Poffenberger

Dane Jackson

Jeff Campbell

Pro Women:

Adriene Levknecht

Clair O’Hara

Ruth Ebens

Pro Men:

Dane Jackson

Matthew Doumolin

Dustin Urban

Junior Open:

Brody Kellogg

Kenny Kellogg

Dally Kellogg

Women’s Open:

Natalie Heald

Dena Smith

Erika Emmons

Men’s Open:

Alex Telthorst

Miah Wheeler

Craig Phillips

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