EVENT: 2013 SoCal Mountain Rendezvous

2013MtnRendezvous 1

Big crew at this year’s Mtn Rendezvous!

My inaugural trip to the 2013 SoCal Desert Rendezvous, put on by the American Adventurist, started in Vegas picking up the awesome Maxtrax Toyota FJ from Ben at Outback Proven. Ben couldn’t make the trip this year, but graciously let me fly in and borrow the FJ for the event. Rendezvous is held at a Boy Scout camp high in the mountains just outside Big Bear in southern California. Just like it’s sister event Desert Rendezvous it is a relatively loose gathering of passionate overlanders who want to get together to share stories around the campfire, explore the local offroad trails and eat amazing food. Mountain Rendezvous was a success at all of the above and had the added benefit of a HUGE free raffle where many people won many cool overland products from the many industry supporters of the event. I’ll let the pictures below reveal the whole story, but I suggest you sign up early next year, as this event fills up quickly! Big shout out to TacoDoc and the whole crew at American Adventurist for hosting another quality overland gathering.

2013MtnRendezvous 2

I drove the Maxtrax FJ down from Vegas, courtesy of Outback Proven, and made the obligatory Zzyzx Rd photo stop on the way.

2013MtnRendezvous 3

The event was held at the upper campground in Boy Scout Camp Tahquitz.

2013MtnRendezvous 4

Chilly nights in the mountains around Big Bear!

2013MtnRendezvous 5

Rendezvous is dog friendly, as Marc from XP Camper demonstrates with his canine companion.

2013MtnRendezvous 6

Van Life was STRONG at this yr’s Rendezvous. Was missing the comforts of mine for sure!

2013MtnRendezvous 7

The first big trip for Gianni & Raquel’s Jeep project, as they came down representing for Triple Aught Design.

2013MtnRendezvous 8

David & Toyotie from Backroads Navigator cooking in style.

2013MtnRendezvous 9

American Adventurist‘s fearless leader Dave, aka TacoDoc, hard at work as the sun rises through the Fall leaves.

2013MtnRendezvous 10

Not a common setup, but I like it! Hummer T3 with RTT and lots of Peli cases.

2013MtnRendezvous 11

Brent Haywood’s van was decorated in the Halloween spirit.

2013MtnRendezvous 12

LOTS of very trick and well-appointed AT Overland Equipment trailers in attendance.

2013MtnRendezvous 13

A variety of rigs lined up for the big intermediate trail run on Saturday. This orange Sportsmobile looks like it’s about to eat the stock Jeep!

2013MtnRendezvous 14

Lots of fun trails around Big Bear in SoCal!

2013MtnRendezvous 15

The little stock Jeep just didn’t have the clearance or power to get up this hill. The trail leader in the stock Power Wagon just backed down and pulled the little Jeep up.

2013MtnRendezvous 16

The Maxtrax FJ was such a fun rig to wheel. The way this thing is set up makes it VERY capable!

2013MtnRendezvous 17

Autolocking front hub decided to stop working, and 3ish wheel drive wasn’t going to get the big orange Sportsmobile up the hill. Field repair didn’t quite work, so the Power Wagon backed back down for another tow.

2013MtnRendezvous 18

Winding steep desert terrain was the order for the day.

2013MtnRendezvous 19

The views were pretty spectacular!

2013MtnRendezvous 20

Mario, from AT Overland Equipment, came out with his VERY well-appointed Jeep JK.

2013MtnRendezvous 21

The dutch oven cook off competition was serious business!

2013MtnRendezvous 22

Brent Haywood Photography always gets the shot.

2013MtnRendezvous 23

Some hungry overlanders anxiously awaiting the dutch oven judging before they dig into the hot goodness.

2013MtnRendezvous 24

Fall sunsets in SoCal are pretty spectacular!

2013MtnRendezvous 25

Group campfire with fresh dutch oven grub might be the best way to enjoy the sunset 🙂

2013MtnRendezvous 26

Lots of generous sponsors throw down for the HUGE raffle on Saturday night.

2013MtnRendezvous 27

The raffle might be the only time all weekend when EVERYONE gathers together.

2013MtnRendezvous 28

My bivy sac accommodations in stark contrast to the Uberlanding awesome that is the XPCamper V1.

2013MtnRendezvous 29

ARB‘s Tacoma bumper on the XPCamper V2 works great as a recycling depository.

2013MtnRendezvous 30

Overlanding comes in all shapes and styles. I assure you that these guys got a good night’s rest.

2013MtnRendezvous 31

Awesome old-school overland rig.

2013MtnRendezvous 32

My new friends Richard & Ashley are driving the PanAm. Check out the awesome at: Desk to Glory.

2013MtnRendezvous 33

An Outside Van Sprinter masterpiece. Such a sweet luxury overland rig!

2013MtnRendezvous 34

Rendezvous was good fun for the whole family.

2013MtnRendezvous 35

Tembo Tusk showing the Land Cruiser love.

2013MtnRendezvous 36

Ummm…YES Please! RTW Land Crusier 70 series overland awesome.

2013MtnRendezvous 38

Equipt‘s 4Runner project is coming along nicely. Lookin’ good Paul!

You can read and see more pics from this year’s Mtn Rendezvous at these links:

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