EEXP: Warn 16.5ti Winch

EEXPWarn16.5ti 1

The EEXP’s first off-road adventure, 4 days after build completion, was on Lockhart Basin Rd near Moab, UT. (Photo: Matt Scott)

WARN 16.5ti Winch

MSRP: $1,749.99 (BUY NOW)


  • 16,500 lbs of pulling power
  • Extreme-duty sealing helps keep out the elements
  • Series-wound, high-speed motor provides fast line speed and strong pulls
  • Exclusive brake design provides superior control while winching
  • Aluminum control box cover for added protection of the electronics
  • Durable 3-stage planetary geartrain for smooth, reliable, operation
  • Remote control with 12′ lead
  • Thermometric LED indicator for operator feedback on motor temperature
  • Chip-resistant powder-coated finish with primer undercoating provides corrosion protection
  • 90′ of 7/16″ diameter wire rope
EEXPWarn16.5ti 2

Always enjoy visiting our friends at Warn in Oregon.

The 16.5ti is the flagship of Warn‘s heavyweight winch series, designed for the “brute strength heavier weight trucks demand.” The EEXP was always designed with the 16.5ti as a main component of the build, providing that essential self sufficiency required for remote off-road solo vehicle overland travel. The key to a winch for most overlanding, especially in a vehicle like the EEXP, is to nearly never get in a situation where you might need it, but for it to be reliable and ready when you do.

EEXPWarn16.5ti 3

“Go Prepared.” A moto that has served me well.

Warn is THE name in winches world-wide, with a long history of durability and reliability. I really appreciate that it is an American made product, in Oregon, and that the company’s customer service is second to none. While I doubt you’ll ever have a major issue with your Warn winch, it is confidence inspiring, like the winch itself, that the company is local and prides its self on taking care of its customers. The Warn limited lifetime warranty just adds to that product confidence.

EEXPWarn16.5ti 4

The Warn 16.5ti was one of many quality products it took to build the overland adventuremobile that is the EEXP.

A key to making such a large winch work, on a big truck like the EEXP, is to install a bumper that is designed to handle the heavy winch itself, as well as the heavy stresses that such a winch can create in operation. The best choice on the market we could find for this application is the Buckstop Truckware Classic winch bumper. It is specifically designed to handle the Warn 16.5ti, has a ton of quality features and looks great on the truck. The Buckstop bumper has not disappointed, holding up to the demanding travels and environments that we’ve exposed it to so far.

EEXPWarn16.5ti 5

The 16.5ti tucks neatly into the Buckstop Classic winch bumper.

EEXPWarn16.5ti 6

Bumper, winch and aux lighting aren’t a light package. A forklift makes quick work of the install, but a few strong friends and a floor jack or two will do the job as well.

EEXPWarn16.5ti 7

The Warn 16.5ti, Buckstop Classic & EEXP were just meant to be together.

The 16.5ti comes with wire rope pre-installed. Wire is the tried and tested winch cable that is pretty much guaranteed to work in nearly all conditions. It is heavy and can be tough to handle, but it is also able to handle running over rough surfaces, isn’t affected much by being dirty and lasts a long time. The alternative is a synthetic winch line, which is lighter, arguably safer, easy to extend and much easier to handle. The downsides are that it is more prone to abrasion style failure, needs to be kept relatively clean and is expensive to buy. So far we have kept the wire rope on the EEXP, but I do hope to upgrade to a synthetic cable soon, in order to reduce weight and make it less fatiguing/easier to handle.

EEXPWarn16.5ti 8

The 16.5ti is at the ready, no matter the environment you might find yourself in. (Photo: Matt Scott)

EEXPWarn16.5ti 9

High speed or low speed, you never know when you might need to get yourself out of trouble. (Photo: Matt Scott)

If you have a big truck and want a winch you can always count on, and that has the power necessary to get you out of trouble, the Warn 16.5ti is THE winch you require.

EEXPWarn16.5ti 10

While we haven’t needed to use the 16.5ti to extract ourselves over the past year, it has come in handy for things like helping friends with their stump problems.

Also be sure to check out the factory tour I got to do of Warn’s amazing Oregon factory:

WARN INDUSTRIES: American Made Winches & So Much More!

EEXPWarn16.5ti 11

“Go Prepared” with the Warn 16.5ti, no mater where your travels might take you.

 (Disclosure: Warn provided Exploring Elements a 16.5ti winch for the EEXP build.)

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