EEXP: An Introduction

EEIntroduction 2

The EEXP Project:

Exploring Elements has commenced construction of its new overland adventure vehicle in partnership with XPCamper. The EEXP is being built on a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 ext cab short bed Cummins diesel 4×4 chassis. This chassis was selected because of its diesel power plant, which has international serviceability, load carrying capacity, aftermarket support and affordability. The EEXP is designed to handle extreme offroad environments around the world while still providing comfortable indoor and outdoor living space and amenities. It is also designed specifically to accommodate the transport of a wide array of adventure sports equipment in order to fully explore the environment through human movement. The EEXP will have all the survival, vehicle recovery, offroad capability and household comfort amenities that you’d expect from a modern overland exploration vehicle. What sets the EEXP apart from other overland vehicles is it’s immense storage capacity, relatively small overall form, ability to fit in a shipping container, durable construction, simple solid components that can be field serviced and the overall affordability of the whole package. This first unit will be the prototype for a production camper that will be added to the already formidable XPCamper product line.

EEIntroduction 1

After sourcing a used truck in NY, getting it registered in MD and driving it cross country I am now in Grass Valley, CA at the XPCamper factory. The plan is to debut this new overland adventure rig at the 2014 Overland Expo in May, fully test out the rig’s capabilities with a 25,000 mile circumnavigation of North America and then show off the polished product at the 2014 SEMA show in November. Its going to be a busy year!


Lots more information coming soon; including the design process, the build and the testing. I am also still looking for sponsorship partners to help with this build (Funding, Wheels, Tires, Bumpers, etc…). This is an amazing sponsorship opportunity to get in front of a broad audience of overland, offroad and adventure sports enthusiasts.

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Bryon Dorr, 443-722-4953

(HUGE shout out to Derek Spence for the design input & CAD/Rendering work on this project.)

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