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$48,000 (Overland Expo East Special)

(Contact Bryon: 443-722-4953 or


This overland adventuremobile is ready to tackle the globe. It is a one off custom build, with the design brief being that it is able to carry lots of adventure sports gear on long remote journeys for two people, while being fully self sufficient, comfortable and dependable. It is designed to fit in a high cube shipping container, so that it can be shipped anywhere in the world. The rig is based on a 2001.5 Dodge Ram 2500 4×4 Ext Cab Short Bed with 24v Cummins Diesel, with an automatic transmission. The truck has been modified for off-road capability, durability and dependability. The vehicle first hit the road in May of 2014, as a completed overland expedition rig, and has since circumnavigated North America, and crisscrossed it many times. It has been my full time rolling house since it was built.

The vehicle has been featured on magazine covers, been a multi time SEMA show vehicle, been featured in numerous online media outlets and been a featured vehicle at off-road/overland industry events across the country. For a full list of media featuring the vehicle, as well as build partners and all other information about the build, be sure to check out the EEXP Page.

Vehicle Dimensions: 8’7″ tall, 22’5″ long and 7′ wide

MPG: 14 avg


Current Mileage: 161,000 miles (9/17)

VIN# 3B7KF236516768461

Exterior- Buckstop front bumper, Warn 16.5ti winch, Factor 55 ProLink XXL winch thimble, PIAA LED off-road & fog lights, Bushwacker Pocket Style front fender flares, Hi-Lift Jack Xtreme, Custom Hi-Lift cover, Icon 2.5” remote reservoir adjustable shocks, Hellwig 3,500 lb overload helper springs & rear sway bar, General Grabber AT2 285/70R17 tires, 17” Method “Standard” Wheels, ARB front diff cover, Full stainless steel Borla exhaust, Maxtrax sand ladders, 4 2-gallon Roto-Pax diesel fuel cells, adjustable custom rear aluminum bumper, locking under camper storage boxes, security lug nuts, custom aluminum rack custom mounted to the roof

Under The Hood- AirDog Raptor lift pump, upgraded Borgeson steering box & shaft, Synergy steering box brace, EGR braided Kevlar brake lines, upgraded to 2 group 31 batteries, ARB Diff breather kit, engine block heater

Interior- Edge CTS Monitor, removed rear seats & installed locking contractor box, Custom heated Wet-Okole Seat Covers, 4×4 Posi-Lock front axel engagement system


Weight- 1,289 lbs (weighed when manufactured)

Amenities- Reico Titan electric actuator roof raising system on remote control (provides 6’5” interior height when lifted), Pop-top tent features zippered windows/bug screens/Velcroed privacy covers, Two-way Maxxfan roof vent fan, Full sized (54”x75”) bed (3” thick cushions feature a 1” memory foam on top), 3 sided dinette, 30 gallon fresh water tank with electric pump feeding a Spinflow interior sink system & exterior shower, 3.8 gallon Dometic top load fridge, Dometic cartridge toilet, 255 watt solar panel, Blue Sea solar charge controller, 150 amp/hr house battery, Blue Sea engine battery isolator, 1,000 watt inverter, Webasto Dual-Top diesel hot water & air heater system, LED interior lighting, Dometic exterior legless awning, Seitz dual pane windows & skylight with integrated privacy & bug screens, 6 12v USB outlets, Torklift Glow Step accordion camper steps

Construction- Fiberglass & structural foam core panels seemed together to create a monocoque structure, on a 1” steel frame (in order to attach it to the vehicle)

Mount- 2 custom solid mounts up front (at original truck bed mount locations) with a custom single central pivot in the back (this 3 point system allows the vehicle to flex under the camper while offroading)


Recent parts & services:

Oil changes every 5,000 miles, Regular air filter replacement, Full diff service, New TPS Sensor, New injection pump fuel return line, New injection pump, New vacuum pump oil return line, New front crank case seal, New engine fan clutch, New front wheel hub assemblies, New stainless steel Borla Exhaust, New brake pads and new front brake rotors, New windshield, Full AC system overhaul, Rear pinion seal, New tires (only have about 11,000 miles on them), Full shock rebuild (with custom valving) and new front shock hardware, Upper & lower ball joints, Track bar, Tie-rod ends, alignment, tire rotation, new #3 injector line, new injection pump to gear housing seal, Rebuilt Borgeson Steering Gear Box, New front sway bar bushings, Rear pinion u-joint

Full records since February 19, 2014 at 87,629 miles, when I purchased it. The truck is a northeast US, PA & NY, truck, so it does have rust. I have replaced nearly every bolt under the vehicle and cleaned up much of the rust on the frame and body. The camper gel coat and lower truck body panels have also received a professional overhaul in 2016.

Vehicle includes: 3 step ladder, 1 pair of Maxtrax, Hi-Lift Xtreme with Jackcover/base/wheel lifting accessory, 4 Rotopax, 1 recovery strap, 1 Camp Chef butane stove, 1 Camp Chef propane grill, butane and propane canisters, LaCrosse Weather Station (inside & outside temps),collapsible grey water tank and hose, water fill hose, tire chains, 6 ton bottle jack, Misc Vehicle Fluids (diff oil, engine oil, touch up paint, get coat, etc…), misc spare parts (original working lift pump, serpentine belt, air filter, Webasto Dualtop parts etc…), maintenance manual, original owners manual, fuel and service records book, camper entry way door mat, leveling blocks, in cab clothes hanger bar

Negotiable: All roof rack accessories (2 rack pads, 2 Yakima bike mount systems and Thule Kayak Stackers), jumper cables, ARB Tire repair kit, ARB deflator, ARB inflator, ARB recovery kit, Bubba Rope Soft Shackles, various kitchen items, misc tools

Overall this vehicle is ready for adventure anywhere you can dream up. It is a well used, and loved adventuremobile, so don’t expect a show queen. The truck does have some rust on the lower body panels and there is an engine oil leak, but it’s less than 1 liter per 5,000 miles. There is some mold stains on the camper tent material, some non-structural gel-coat cracks in the camper, the Webasto Dualtop needs to be repaired and the fresh water system needs a new filter to work properly.

The vehicle has a clear Maryland title in my name. It is registered as a pickup, but it could easily be registered as an RV, which would make the insurance even more inexpensive.

I live and travel in this vehicle full time, so mileage will increase as time moves forward. The vehicle is sold as is, with no warranty, implied or provided. Shipment or delivery can be arranged, at buyers cost.

This vehicle is adventure proven and ready to take you on your next great adventure, where ever in the world that might be. All photos in this post were taken April 11, 2016. Thanks for looking, and don’t hesitate to email me with any questions. I’m a VERY motivated seller, as I need to sell this vehicle before moving on to other adventures that I have in the works. The vehicle is currently located on the east coast, mostly in the Baltimore, MD area, but headed to Overland Expo East this week and on a road trip through the SE for about 3 weeks.


Bryon Dorr

PS: This vehicle is for sale to fund some 2 wheel and international adventures, and a future vehicle build.

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Here is a recent video tour of the vehicle:

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