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SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements1 1I recently managed to sneak a few days in the Wasatch mountains skiing, around trade shows and other work. I was lucky enough to get to explore Solitude Mountain Resort with some good friends, both on a bluebird groomer kinda day and a fresh snow cloudy kinda day. In only two days of making turns I managed to rip groomers, bounce down moguls, thread the needle through the trees and find fresh tracks. Solitude offers extremely high quality intermediate groomers, as well as some quality steep and deep terrain to explore. While mega resorts like Park City/Canyons get a majority of the media attention and tourist dollars in Utah, be sure not to overlook quality resorts like Solitude that offer up less expensive lift tickets, WAY less crowded slopes and a great local vibe. Enjoy the photo journey around this resort below. I had a blast on the slopes of Solitude!

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I was locked and loaded to capture the action on the slopes with a pile of camera gear, which I toted around in the awesome new Lowepro Whistler BP450 AW photo backpack. (Photo: Catherine Cooper)


Lots of high speed lifts, in fact I found that there was little reason to ever get on one of the slower lifts.

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements3 1

Tons of varied terrain to explore.

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements3 2

Skiing with friends is fun.

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements3 3

Surfing the fresh pow pow!


The Wasatch mountains offer up the deep pow!

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements5 1

Fresh turns feel sooooo good!

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements5 2

Always keep your riding steeze ๐Ÿ™‚


Look at that smile! Can’t help it after crushing pow turns like that ๐Ÿ™‚


The lift system at Solitude is really quick and efficient. In two days I didn’t wait in a single line to load a lift.


There is some expansive rugged terrain at Solitude. You can really bite off what ever you can chew.


When the clouds part, the views atop the Summit lift are stunning.

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements10 1

It is easy to find your own zone and not have to battle for slope space at Solitude.

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements10 2

Still working on getting my ski form back this season, but having fun working on it. (photo: Catherine Cooper)


Did I mention how much I like my new Lowepro photo backpack? (Photo: Catherine Cooper)


A little fresh on the groomers made for some super fun turns. (Photo: Catherine Cooper)

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements13 1

Utah bluebird shredding.

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements13 2

Pic your poison; bumps or groomers.

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements14 1

Focus on holding that edge and transitioning into another awesome carve.

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements14 2

Watch out for those Solitude eagles, they are HUGE ๐Ÿ˜‰

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements14 3

All forms of downhill riding are encouraged at Solitude. Here’s a little alpine snowboarding action.

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements14 4

Fly like an eagle carver dude.

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements14 5

Some Tele love for you.


Love this dudes hat!

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements16 1

Just goes to show you can charge at any age.

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements16 2

Lots of old timers at Solitude, all of which were friendly and quite the characters from my experience.

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements16 3

The groomers really held up well with the fresh snow on top.


Probably less snowboarders than skiers at Solitude, but for sure the boarders are welcomed.

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There are two main base areas at Solitude, the Village and the Moonbeam Lodge area. This is the central clocktower in the Village.

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements18 2

You can find great food and drink deals all over Solitude mountain.

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements18 3

The Moonbeam dining area.

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements18 4

The Argenta Pub, in the Moonbeam Lodge, is a great apres ski hangout.


Mmmmm, local craft beer to end an amazing day on the slopes.


Solitude runs free shuttles between their two base areas all day long. Most are cool 4×4 vans, but funny enough I managed to capture the only 2wd one.

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements21 1

White, addicting & totally legal…that about sums it up!

SolitudeMountainResortExploringElements21 2

A huge thanks to Ski Utah for facilitating my visit to Solitude Mountain Resort and continuing to promote winter sports in the Utah mountains.

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