CES 2015: The Technology Show

CES 2015 was my first time attending the Shangri-La of tech that happens each year in Las Vegas, NV. The show was jaw dropping in so many ways, both for the good and the bad. Big things are happening in the autonomous vehicle, connect home, 3D printing, wearables and photo/video worlds. Big things are also happening in the copying other people’s tech and selfie worlds, both of which are disturbing in their own ways. The big news is that the age of “big data” is upon us and the “internet of things” (IoT) is connecting us to the world around us in truly new and remarkable ways. Even with this glimpse into the current and future state of technology I have no clue as to where things are headed in so many ways, which is both exciting and terrifying. Technology is going to influence us as species and help or hinder our impact on the planet we call home. Lots of important choices to be made along the way as the various technologies mature.

Check out all my segment specific reports from CES 2015:

CES 2015: Active Adventure Tech

CES 2015: Automotive Tech

CES 2015: Photo/Video Tech

CES2015Show 1

Some great keynote speeches went down at CES 2015.

CES2015Show 2

The first concept car specifically made for CES, the Mercedes F015 Luxury in Motion.

CES2015Show 3

LOTS of crazy impressive tv/monitor tech throughout the show!

CES2015Show 4

I love brands that get it. Lifeproof gets it. Their products help bring tech safely into the everyday lives of adventurers.

CES2015Show 5

Health and fitness tech was big this year.

CES2015Show 6

Super simple, but high tech, biometric monitoring will revolutionize the way we see and monitor our health.

CES2015Show 7

Wearables were everywhere, but no smart watch looked as classy as the new Casio Edifice.

CES2015Show 8

Massive 3D printing presence at the show. This technology is finally getting to a maturity where you’re going to start seeing it EVERYWHERE!

CES2015Show 9

Robots are still cool. I’m pretty sure nearly everyone will have a household robot in the next 10 yrs or so.

CES2015Show 10

Sometimes robots get creepy, like this “Communication Android” from Toshiba.

CES2015Show 11

Classy and secure wallets and passport holders from iWallet. Fingerprint tech is being integrated into everything these days.

CES2015Show 12

Home brewing just got that much easier with the Pico Brew.

CES2015Show 13

Smartphone photography continues to be taken to new heights.

CES2015Show 14

Tech is influencing all parts of our lives.

CES2015Show 15

Have I mentioned I hate knockoffs!

CES2015Show 16

Ummmm, pretty sure someone already did this & called it a Segway.

CES2015Show 17

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