CES 2015: Photo/Video Tech

CES 2015 showcased a TON of new photo and video technologies, and showed how quickly and prolifically, successful products are copied. Some of the hot trends in this market were: the extreme line blurring between smart phone & quality camera, lighter weight faster full-frame DSLR lenses, the maturation of the mirror-less interchangeable lens camera systems, upgraded & more connected wearable camera/video systems (some with 360 degree cameras), drone technology improvements for the non-professional, and sadly the apparent HUGE market for products aimed at taking better selfies. Smarter, smaller, lighter, more rugged and connected cameras are hitting the market at an incredibly fast rate. Luckily with this growth the price is dropping on extremely high quality camera systems, making quality photo and video production a possibility for nearly everyone.

CESPhotoVideoTech 1

The soon to be released Panasonic Lumix CM1 android phone has a 20mp CMOS sensor and fast Leica lens. This “phone” even has 4K video capabilities! The line between phone & camera has now been fully blurred.

CESPhotoVideoTech 2

The new Canon EF 100-400 IS2 is a pretty piece of glass! It weighs in at 3.5lbs and retails for $2,199.

CESPhotoVideoTech 4

The new Nikon AFS Nikkor 300mm F4 PF ED is under $2K. It is also 1.5lbs lighter & 30% smaller than the old Nikkor 300mm. This will be a great action sports lens!

CESPhotoVideoTech 5

While it’s been out for a bit, the Nikon D750 is an incredible camera, winning Popular Photography’s Camera of the Year for 2014. Love seeing the insides of impressive tech like this, highlighting the advancements over its predecessor.

CESPhotoVideoTech 6

Sony has taken a lead in the mirror-less camera segment as of late, and the new A7II should help solidify the company’s momentum. It features a 24mp full frame sensor, rugged body and 5 axis internal stabilization.

CESPhotoVideoTech 7

Samsung has jumped into the mirror-less camera segment with the impressive NX1. It can shoot at an impressive 15fps at 28mp & 4K video at 24fps directly to a memory card. The already released accessories and lens options make for a formidable system in this segment.

CESPhotoVideoTech 8

A great way to show off your tech, and educate the industry on your products, is to host amazing seminars taught by the pros. Here Canon Master of Light shooter Bruce Dorn teaches a ‘how to’ on music video production, featuring the Canon C300.

CESPhotoVideoTech 9

The big players think alike, as Nikon was also showing off their camera’s video capabilities with a ‘how to’ music video seminar.

CESPhotoVideoTech 10

Unmanned systems had a big presence at CES with a huge range of products on offer. Some of the drones are getting quite small, smart and able to capture impressive video.

CESPhotoVideoTech 11

DJI Global has been a leader in consumer drone tech for some time now. The all new Inspire 1 arial drone system is an impressive unit that will bring prosumer arial video production to new heights.

CESPhotoVideoTech 12

A number of companies are working on systems where arial drones automatically follow the action. AirDog‘s auto-follow drone for action sports seems like a well sorted system that will hit the market later this year for under $1,500 and is able to fold up into a compact travel size.

CESPhotoVideoTech 13

With all the drone tech comes all the drone accessory options. ThinkTank Photo has a line of quality photo/video bags that are designed to transport and protect your drone tech investment.

CESPhotoVideoTech 14

Drones aren’t only for capturing arial footage. The Seawolf by TTRobotix is ready to capture your subaquatic video needs.

CESPhotoVideoTech 15

The JVC Quad Proof is an incredibly small and durable video camera system that is ready to capture your next adventure.

CESPhotoVideoTech 16

Action camera systems are still all the rage, and GoPro is still THE name in action cameras. They had a huge impressive booth at the show, like they tend to do at all trade shows.

CESPhotoVideoTech 17

Sony is trying to find its own path in the action camera game, unlike most others who are following the GoPro model. The new 4K Sony Action Camera has an impressive feature set, but it does come at a cost of over $700, if you include the remote and waterproof housing.

CESPhotoVideoTech 19

All the big tech names are trying to get a sliver of the action camera market. This is the HP XCam.

CESPhotoVideoTech 20

The Polaroid CUBE is aimed at getting an extremely easy to use tiny video camera into everyones hands.

CESPhotoVideoTech 21

The FR10 is Casio’s unique take on the action camera.

CESPhotoVideoTech 22

The Ricoh WG-M1 action camera has a unique form factor and a durable build.

CESPhotoVideoTech 23

Soooooo many knockoffs all over the show!

CESPhotoVideoTech 24

Some knockoffs actually seem to use the identical mounts, button layout, packaging, etc… Honestly makes me sad that this type of product sees the light of day on the floor of such a prestigious trade show.

CESPhotoVideoTech 26

With virtual reality tech coming to maturity the next frontier in video is 360 degree recording. There were a number of different takes on this across the show, but this fully configurable system, with optional underwater housing, from 360 Heros was a pretty compelling and impressive system.

CESPhotoVideoTech 27

The 360fly system is another take on the 360 video concept, but this time in a more compact wearable system that includes a number of action sports camera style mounts.

CESPhotoVideoTech 29

The Hisy is device designed as a selfie remote for your smartphone, it runs $25 and has a 90′ range. The selfie epidemic is out of control in my opinion, but I can think of a number of cool uses for this device to get creative shots on your next adventure.

CESPhotoVideoTech 30

Selfie poles where EVERYWHERE across the show floor!!! Seriously, the selfie epidemic is OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!

CESPhotoVideoTech 31

Besides all the great stuff on the CES 2015 show floor, there was also a bunch of opportunities to connect with experts in photography outside the show. I joined for a fun photo walk of the Vegas strip with Matt Granger, a bit of a celebrity photographer that has some quality YouTube content, besides his impressive personal photo projects.

CESPhotoVideoTech 32

A cool shot I took on my D600 with 50mm f1.4 lens on the Matt Granger photo walk.

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