CES 2015: Automotive Tech

CES 2015 was the year of the automobile. The opening keynote was presented by Mercedes, and included the unveil of the first ever concept car to be released at CES, and nearly all the auto companies were in attendance showing off the latest automotive tech. For sure the key trends in the segment were autonomous driving, the connected car (or the IoT; “Internet of Things”) and alternative power systems. Besides the big trends there where also a few smaller automotive gadgets that seemed to be all over the show floor, including dash cams and jump start battery packs.

CES2015AutomotiveTech 1

The autonomous car of the future from Mercedes, the FO15 Luxury In Motion.

CES2015AutomotiveTech 2

Driving console moves to any of the 4 seating positions & all seats swivel. There are no buttons in the vehicle, all touch screens, everywhere.

CES2015AutomotiveTech 3

Interesting Keynote from Ford outlining their research & areas of innovation for the future.

CES2015AutomotiveTech 4

The Audi Prologue concept is a car I’d drive, or in this case let drive me, sometimes;) I love the no B Pillar and sharp angles in the design.

CES2015AutomotiveTech 5

LOTS of small car jump packs that double as power-banks for your small electronics. Not sure yet as to which is the one to have on our overland journeys.

CES2015AutomotiveTech 6

SOOOO many displays like this, and nearly all the “mini jump starter” units looked identical.

CES2015AutomotiveTech 7

Dashcams seems to be the hot ticket, & marketed by the big & little guys alike.

CES2015AutomotiveTech 8

Some of the Dash Cams were truly feature rich, like this little unit from Cobra.

CES2015AutomotiveTech 9

The Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is coming to America soon.

CES2015AutomotiveTech 10

The BMW i8 hybrid sports car is one sexy futuristic looking ride, that is available now.

CES2015AutomotiveTech 11

The Tesla Model X has some impressive specs and some interesting design features, like the rear gull wing doors.

CES2015AutomotiveTech 12

NVIDIA was showing off this Renovo Coupe, an all American electric sports car. I’ll bet its hard to drive without smoking the tires off the rims!

CES2015AutomotiveTech 13

The VW Golf R Touch integrates a ton of features to create a buttonless/switchless vehicle. My guess is you’ll see this type of tech at your local dealership quite soon.

CES2015AutomotiveTech 14

Didn’t hear of any bent metal at the VW booth where Golfs were parallel parking themselves.

CES2015AutomotiveTech 15

Quite a few Jeeps all over the show. Most of them showcasing speaker systems. This one from Kicker was well sorted.

CES2015AutomotiveTech 16

Jeep Audio Bling

CES2015AutomotiveTech 17

ORION brought this Jeep that was more stereo than vehicle.

CES2015AutomotiveTech 18

I did take the new BMW M4 for a spin, & can attest that it is QUITE fast ๐Ÿ™‚

CES2015AutomotiveTech 19

Some exhibits were over the top, both for the good & bad. The BMW M4 Concept Iconic Lights was a full show that was quite impressive. There is a TON of tech that improves performance & safety in just the vehicles lighting systems.

CES2015AutomotiveTech 20

Must admit that the new Chevy Colorado is a good looking truck. I also appreciate that they are advertising it as an adventuremobile.

CES2015AutomotiveTech 21

The Local Motors Rally Fighter always draws attention, as it did in the Midland booth at CES.

CES2015AutomotiveTech 22

The Ford Hoonicorn is making the rounds. First ever AWD Mustang. Watch Gymkhana 7 for all the action.

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