CES 2015: Active Adventure Tech

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 1

The Garmin Epic ($549.99) is a first of its kind color mapping watch. It features 8GB of internal storage, full GPS tracking & a customizable touch screen display. There is LOT of tech packed into this relatively small watch!

CES 2015 was my first time attending the Shangri-La of tech that happens each year in Vegas. Besides ogling all the crazy impressive technological contraptions of the future, and the completely useless crap and knockoffs, across the massive multi convention hall show, I kept a keen eye out for tech and gadgets that would benefit, or just be tons of fun, for the active adventurer. For sure biometric monitoring and wearables were the hot tickets this year, but there were also a few other hidden gems that I think you’d enjoy on your next adventure outing.

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 2

The Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire with metal band ($599.99) might just be the best multisport GPS training watch that you’ll want to wear every day. Too many features to list and a customizable face that can even be set to a classy analog looking watch design.

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 3

Epson has stepped into the fitness watch arena with their line of Runsense running watches. The Epson Runsense SF-810 ($349.99) is the top of the range and features a built in heart rate sensor & a 20+hr battery life.

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 4

The new Timex ONE GPS+ watch is truly an all in one smart watch. Full function fitness watch, music player and text messaging system (no phone required, but extra service is required). Impressive package of features when you truly want to travel light while on the go, but be fully connected.

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 5

There were a number of companies offering tracking devices for your gadgets & valuables, but the TrackR system stood out to me because of their extremely friendly staff, crowd GPS locating system & awesome Bamboo bike in the booth 🙂

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 6

Xensr has made a few redesigns over the past few years & come up with a powerfull little tool to track motions. This will be a great training & performance analysis tool for a wide variety of adventure activities.

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 7

Cerevo XON Snow-1 is a snowboard binding that tracks your every motion. This might be the ultimate personal snowboard coach. It even allows you to overlay the full data set graphically over video with matching time stamp.

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 8

Masimo is brining their tech from the health care industry to personal fitness with products that can provide truly detailed body function analysis. They demonstrated the technology with a freediver holding his breath in a tank at the show, while broadcasting his biometric data live.

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 9

ibattz Mojo Refuel Aqua S Battery Case ($119.95) keeps your smartphone dry, impact protected & powered up, with its built in battery pack.

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 10

LifeProof fully caters to hard core adventurers and offers a full line of waterproof cases for a wide variety of smartphones. New are the iPhone 6 fre Power, a waterproof case with extra battery built in, and the new LifeActiv accessory series, which works on all phone cases.

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 11

I’m liking the specs & gear from EnerPlex; rugged, portable, solar powered products that are American made.

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 12

Aspect Solar was also showing off some new quality rugged portable solar solutions for your next adventure.

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 13

BioLite‘s soon-to-be-released (exclusive release at REI for about $100) NanoGrid light & power system is a functional & fun gadget that will elevate the experience of your next adventure. I know I want one for the overland life in the EEXP!

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 14

A big trend at this yr’s CES was waterproof, shockproof & floating BlueTooth portable speaker systems. One of the most feature rich examples I saw was the new Altec Lansing Boom Jacket.

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 15

Monster had their own waterproof floating bluetooth speaker, the SuperStar BackFloat ($169.95), & the sound out of this little device was impeccable!

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 16

Eaton‘s new Scorpion II ($59.99) is a rugged, waterproof, portable, multi-purpose digital radio nearly does it all; beer opener, AM/FM & NOAA weatherband radio, solar charging, crank charging, usb smart phone charger and LED flashlight.

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 17

Eaton’s new Blackout Buddy H2O ($9.99) is a very cool water activated LED emergency light that will last 72 hrs!

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 18

The Deeper Fishfinder ($259.00) system is a wireless floating sonar system that links to a smartphone app to show you where you’re going to cast your next line to snag the big one.

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 19

The soon to be released Outdoor Technology Buckshot Pro (about $80) is a sweet little cycling bluetooth speaker, powerbank & flashlight (lantern & strobe).

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 20

The Nite Ize HandleBand ($19.99) universal smartphone bar mount is a great little gadget for every cyclist. It even has a built in bottle opener!

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 21

The ZBoard weight-sensing electric skateboard is something I’d really like to try out on the street sometime!

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 22

3D printing was shown in all forms at the show. I spotted this insane fully 3D printed skeleton style skateboard in the back of one of the booths. 3D printing is coming to your active world VERY soon!

CES2015ActiveAdventureTech 23

Virtual reality is coming to your home, & in this case in the form of a badass mountain bike simulator. The Activetainment B/O1 Bike gives you a pretty solid realistic feel, without even needing the goggles 😉

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