PADDLING OUT: 31st Annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest

The Santa Cruz Paddlefest is always a highlight of my year! The gathering of the paddle surf tribe in Santa Cruz, CA, to surf the world-class waves on offer at Steamer Lane, is a special time and place to be alive. The Lane always seems to deliver the goods for the competitions, but every once in a … [Read more...]

The 30th Annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest

Such an amazing gathering of the paddle surf tribe for the 30th Annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest! You can read my full wrap up report on C&K Online HERE, including some of my best shots. A HUGE thanks to all the organizers and volunteers that make this event possible, especially Mathew Hoff and … [Read more...]

EVENT: Santa Cruz Paddlefest 2015

2015 was such an amazing year at the 29th annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest! The event changed hands to new organizers, saw many familiar faces and a few new ones. Check out the best photos and action from the event in the two stories I wrote for Canoe & Kayak Online; New Era of a Classic and A Kayak … [Read more...]

SNAPSHOT: Habitat 67 Wave Video & Words by: Bryon Dorr Photos by: Sarah Blessington The Habitat 67 wave is one of the best surf waves in the world. It is wide, fast, glassy and easy to get to. I've been coming to this wave for over 14yrs now and have watched the lineup change over … [Read more...]

EVENT: 2014 Santa Cruz Paddle Surf Festival

The Santa Cruz Paddle Surf Festival is truly a highlight of my travel schedule every year! I love getting together with the kayak surf tribe and surfing the spectacular waves at Steamer’s Lane with a few good friends. This year I hadn’t been in my surf kayak for something like 10 months before the … [Read more...]