EVENT: Vermont Overland Rally 2016

The Vermont Overland Rally 2016 was full of everything you expect from VT in the Fall; wet chilly weather, amazing foliage, muddy tough 4wd required Class 4 backroads and all kinds of quality local food, drink and hand made goods. I was going to write up a great intro to help you understand what the … [Read more...]

SWEATSTIVAL: Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival 2016

Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival 2016 The Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival (Event Website) is the relative new kid on the block, in terms of US overland events, but is led by experienced overland industry professionals who have taken a proven event model and made it unique to the area and resources at … [Read more...]

EVENT: Northwest Overland Rally 2016

The Northwest Overland Rally is always a highlight of my travels each year, as it is an intimate gathering of the overland tribe in a truly beautiful location. It has a very inclusive feel to it, and is a gathering of overlanders that features far less safari clothing than other similar events. … [Read more...]

FACES: Northwest Overland Rally 2016

While the eye candy of events like the Northwest Overland Rally are the overland adventuremobile, which I highlighted HERE, the overland tribe that gathers creates the true joy of such events. This year, I made an effort to take portraits, mostly candid, of the many faces around the Rally. While … [Read more...]

HYDRO-FEST: Hydro Flight Takes Off

HYDRO-FEST: Hydro Flight Takes Off Words: Bryon Dorr / Photography: Bryon Dorr & Paige Novy I had never heard of the term hydro-flight, but man did I learn all about it over a weekend in Parhump, NV, at Hydro-Fest. I’m sure many of you, like I, have seen viral online videos of people … [Read more...]