EEBryonDorrHeadshot2Exploring Elements came about from my passion for adventure, photography, quality gear, and the desire to share my thoughts and experiences. I’ve always been athletically minded and at an early age Boy Scouts gave me a taste for adventure. Through family road trips across the US I got hooked on overland travel.  Seeing new things and having new and varied experiences is really what motivates me in life. Adventure sports like kayaking, kite boarding, and skiing have fueled my passion for getting out there and getting after it. Outdoor pursuits have also focused my professional career in the outdoor/paddle sports industry. I have now been a rep, distributor, marketing manager, guide, instructor, athlete manager, sponsored athlete, retail manager, retail buyer, and most recently manufacturer owner. My goal is to explore the world through the unique angle that adventure sports provide.

Travel Resume: USA (50 states), Canada (10 provinces, 2 territories), Mexico (17 states), Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, England, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Lesotho, New Zealand, Australia (4 states), Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia

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As a young boy, my father shared his love for the outdoors with me. I grew up going hiking, biking, canoeing, and kayaking with him. I developed a special love for the water early on and by the time I was 12, I was addicted to kayaking. It is a magical sport that has taken me to some incredible places around the United States. One of my goals is to paddle in every state and I also hope to do some paddling outside of the US. I live in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia now, where the Shenandoan and Potomac Rivers provides great paddling all year round. It was on these rivers that I met my beautiful wife, Melissa, and we are passing on our love for the outdoors to our lovely daughter, Sahalie, and her two wonderful children, Bailey and Logan. I am looking forward to many new adventures in the coming years both as a father and as a kayak athlete. I want to thank Exploring Elements for giving The Dogg a place to post his writings.

Travel Resume: United States (30 states), Mexico, Canada (2 provinces), Jamaica, Bermuda, Haiti, Grand Cayman

Contributor To: All Things Brown TV, Fluid Kayaks Blog, American Whitewater Journal


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