ARMPOCKET: Enjoy The Run


Armpocket Mega i-40 Plus

MSRP: $49.95 (BUY NOW)

DIMENSIONS: 7” H x 3.75” Wx 0.75” D

COLORS: Black, Yellow, Planet

armpocketexploringelements-3Armpocket offers a wide range of armband sizes to accommodate the huge range of smartphones on the market, and the even larger variety of phone cases. They also offer each size case in three arm band length options. I have a huge phone, iPhone 7+ with a tech21 case, and scrawny arms, from climbing, kayaking and running. For me, the Armpocket Mega i-40 Plus with a medium arm band is the perfect accessory to my active lifestyle. armpocketexploringelements-4This specific case is designed to accommodate the largest smart phones out there, while they remain in the largest cases out there. Lifeproof, Otter and other super protective cases can get bulky, but are perfect for really active lifestyles. Most phone armbands require you to take these bulky cases off before they will work, which is both a hassle and usually reduces the effectiveness of the protective case over time.

My favorite things about the Armpocket is how comfortable and secure it is, while also carrying a phone, ID, CC/cash, gels and keys. I’ve now used an Armpocket armband for over 4 years, all around the globe, mostly on running adventures. They are crazy durable, lightweight and comfortable.

armpocketexploringelements-5The details are what set this already awesome product apart from the competition. My favorite has to be the zipper pull garage, which keeps the zipper pulls from making a ton of noise as you run. The memory foam backing is what really provides the comfort, while the bamboo-rayon mesh arm band is both secure and comfortable. The interior three pocket card/money holder is also a great place to stash a house or car key and energy gels. The overall design of the case, and the interior elastic phone holder, with silicon rubber grip strips, secure your phone enough that you don’t even need to zip the case up when you’re running.

Some other great features: machine-washable, made of eco-friendly bamboo-rayon mesh and recycled plastic, reflective zipper, IPX4 weather and sweat proof and shock proof (from 6′).

armpocketexploringelements-6While the case offers universal audio access ports for headphone use, I many times just enjoy some ambient tunes. I insert the phone top down, so the speakers are at the top closest to my ear. While running solo, and in remote places, I can jam out to tunes while still having good audio awareness of the environment around me. Not recommended in busy areas, as you don’t want to bother others and add sound pollution, but a great option when you’re out on your own.

While I primarily use this armband for running, it is also great for mtn biking, kayaking, slacklining, SUP, rock climbing and just about any other adventure activity. Phones have become such multifaceted tools that we rely on in our daily lives that most of us are tethered to them most of our waking hours. The Armpocket allows you to get it out of your hands, protect it from the elements and let it do its thing (fitness tracking, playing music, keeping you in touch with home & office, emergency communicator, etc…). The Armpocket has been the most consistent thing in my running arsenal for many years now, and I expect it to be for many more.

(Disclaimer: Armpocket provided this product to Exploring Elements for review consideration.)

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