A Quick Pit Stop in The Van Life

(Sarah wanted to sing me this amazing song before I left for my trip up north.)

Sarah Blessington and I have set up camp in Maryland for a few months to organize life and try to refill the bank accounts. In total we will be here for about 3 months, but I’ll be taking a two-week trip north for the Vermont Overland Trophy and some recreation in Canada. I’ll also be on the road a few weekends for awesome east coast events like The Gauley River Fest. Meanwhile Sarah will be serving quality libations and food in Rockville, MD to build up some savings, in order to live the van life again starting in mid October-ish. Sarah will also be making more of her handmade beaded earrings for anyone who would like to buy a pair (You can do so HERE). I’m working on some plans to keep enough income flowing to stay on the road, and hit the road for a big multi-year RTW trip. The Van Life is strong with us and this little pit stop is hopefully going to put us back on the road for good. Oh, and don’t worry, we are finding fun things to do in MD, as you can see below:)

The trip did start out on a bit more of a solemn note with the passing of a fellow kayaker on Great Falls just before the Potomac River Festival. You can read all about it in my story for C&K Magazine HERE.

MDPitstop 1

’95 Nissan Maxima for Sarah to commute in. Manged to pick it up for only $1,800. It’s in really good shape. I love the black leather interior and 5 speed manual trans.

MDPitstop 2

This is a sign from the local Target store. What country are we in again?

MDPitstop 3

The Sportsmobile needed some repairs. They ended up being spendy when I got price gouged at Rob’s in Westminster. My own fault for not going with my gut:(

MDPitstop 4

Sarah’s first trip to DC included a mandatory stop at the Air & Space Museum.

MDPitstop 5

Crazy modern sculpture at the Hirshorn Museum. Sarah does like to pet dogs, apparently even HUGE ones! Scary!

MDPitstop 6

I managed to score a good deal on a sweet mountain from a fellow overlander, who happens to have been a pro mountain biker. Thanks Mom for getting me this sweet BDay gift! Got to use it on the trails of the Frederick Watershed with Bobby “The Dogg” Miller.

MDPitstop 7

Also got to see some local Maryland wildlife while on the bike ride:)

MDPitstop 8

I love roof racks full of ww boats, makes me smile:) This is “The Dogg’s” new ride.

MDPitstop 9

I even got to get out on the Upper Yough with a bunch of good friends.

MDPitstop 10

Sarah even got in on the WW action with a 2 day intro lesson from Nate at Potomac River Outfitters. She even got to be pretty comfortable upside down!

MDPitstop 11

Nate is a patient instructor, but Sarah caught on quick and always had a smile:)

MDPitstop 13

Sarah was serious about doing things right.

MDPitstop 14

I think she was having a ton of FUN as well!!!

MDPitstop 15

We also got a chance to get out on the water twice with my good friend Justin and his wife Sarah. Wakeboarding and wakesurfing are soooooo much fun!

MDPitstop 16

Sarah had never been and caught on QUICK!

MDPitstop 17

I got my groove back quick behind the boat:)

MDPitstop 18

Justin enjoyed a RC Cola that Sarah handed him from the boat while he was surfing:)

MDPitstop 19

It’s been a blast getting to see the behind the scenes action from my cousin’s movie You’re Dead.

MDPitstop 20

Movie magic that includes strip clubs, fog machines and temporary tattoos.

MDPitstop 21

My Cousin Jay, in the red shirt and black cap, wrote the script and is also directing and editing the film. If you can’t tell its going to be an instant grindhouse classic!

MDPitstop 22

The things you find in strip clubs in southern PA!

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